The Best Survival Gear of 2018

Well, another year has come and gone, and so it’s time to look to look at the best survival gear of 2018.
Look through this list and take note of what you already have (and what survival tools to buy in the new year). Then search for these items on Amazon (or at your favorite retailer).Remember – It’s never too late to prepare – especially if you can get some great holiday deals!

The Best Survival Gear of 2018

1 – Ultimate Access Lock Pick Set

Once you have the ability to pick a lock, there’s basically nothing you can’t access. And with the help of this set you’ll have VIP access to nearly everything in no time. Just remember – when SHTF all bets are off!

2 – Solo Bivvy Camping Tent

This is the perfect tent for the solo traveler. It’s crazy easy to set up, and is cozy enough for one person to lay comfortably inside.

3 – Essential Tactical Machete

A machete can be a crazy awesome survival tool when SHTF. Not only can you use it in the woods to build a shelter, skin an animal, cut through brush and more. You can also use this as an effective defense weapon.

4 – Armament Systems Tactical Flashlight

Armament Systems is one of the most trustworthy of brands when it comes to tactical gear. And considering law enforcement use these tactical flashlights to do their jobs effectively, that’s a good sign that this survival tool is the real deal.

5 – BioLite Camp Stove 2

Think of it – you can build a fire, cook your survival food AND charge your phone at the same time – with the same device. This incredible camp stove ensures your fire lasts as long as possible by regulating its heat. It also converts this energy into electricity to charge your devices. Essential for a hiker, camper or prepper bugging out!

6 – BaoFang Portable Ham Radio

Bad reception (or no reception) in a crisis? Thank goodness you’ve got this radio with you. Ham radios are super reliable, and are able to help you get in contact with emergency help in order to stay alive.

7 – Tactical Pen Knife

This is one of the sneakiest and most covert survival tools around. That’s because it looks (and writes) just like an ordinary pen. However, it’s hiding a deadly secret…. a knife you can use for self-defense in the event of an attack. This survival tool is essential for delivering the element of surprise.

8 – Emergency Folding Camp Stove

You may have a camp stove… but can it fit in your pocket? This one does. But don’t let its compact design fool you. This extremely efficient stove boils water, cooks meat and heats up regular meals in a flash. Then when you’re done, just fold it up and stick it in your pocket. It couldn’t be simpler.

9 – Emergency Car Battery Jumper

When it comes to prepping, self-reliancy is the name of the game. And that’s why you need a car battery jumper that’s just as independent as you. This ingenious device packs a powerful electric charge, allowing you to self-jump your own car (no second vehicle required). That’s right – no flagging down strangers. You can start your own damn battery and get back on the road like a boss.

10 – Tesla Plasma Arc Lighter

This futuristic lighter is just as effective as it is aesthetically appealing. That’s because it doesn’t depend on butane or any other liquid to start a fire. Instead, this lighter produces two powerful arcs made of electricity. It’s also windproof, making it a breeze (no pun intended) to start a fire in just seconds. The Tesla lighter is fully rechargeable and works with the push of a button. However, it’s also got a safety on it so it doesn’t go off in your pocket.