Texas Stands Firm Against Migrant Invasion


In a bold assertion of Texas’ sovereignty, Governor Greg Abbott adamantly defends the state’s right to self-defense against a perceived migrant invasion, holding the federal government, particularly President Biden, accountable for neglecting its constitutional duty to enforce immigration laws. Abbott contends that the federal government’s failure has disrupted the longstanding agreement between the U.S. and individual states.

Undeterred by legal skirmishes initiated by the Biden administration, Abbott remains resolute in Texas’ actions, seizing control of Shelby Park and fortifying barriers on the Rio Grande to staunchly prevent illegal crossings. In his unwavering commitment to the state’s safety, Abbott characterizes the situation as a critical need for self-defense against what he describes as an imminent threat.

Democratic lawmakers, led by Rep. Greg Casar, level accusations at Abbott, claiming that he’s merely emulating former President Trump with his use of assertive language and political maneuvers. Casar suggests that Abbott’s measures endanger both U.S. citizens and illegals, aligning himself with Rep. Joaquin Castro’s call for President Biden to wrest control of the Texas National Guard.

Leftist critics, exemplified by former Rep. Beto O’Rourke, condemn Abbott for his defiance of Supreme Court rulings and accuse him of sowing chaos at the border through the deployment of the Texas National Guard. O’Rourke fervently urges President Biden to display decisive leadership, drawing parallels with historical instances of federalizing state resources to maintain law and order.

Meanwhile, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida stands firmly in solidarity with Texas, asserting that states inherently possess the constitutional right to safeguard themselves against invasion. Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt echoes this sentiment, reaffirming his state’s unwavering support for Texas.

Despite Governor Abbott’s compelling arguments, the Biden administration and the federal government remain steadfast in asserting federal control over immigration and border authority. The administration touts its alleged adherence to immigration laws, while for total amnesty for illegals to rectify what it perceives as a “broken” system.