Texans Stand United: Farmland Off-Limits to China

(ConcernedPatriots.com) – The Texas Senate has approved a bill prohibiting Chinese nationals from owning some types of farms.

With the Texas state senate passing a bill on Wednesday to outlaw the practice that has caused severe problems in other parts of the United States, Chinese citizens may soon be prohibited from acquiring various types of farmland in Texas.

Senate Bill 147 prohibits inhabitants of four countries deemed hostile to the United States from buying farmland. These countries include China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea.

Lawmakers feared that selling property to those opposed to the United States could endanger the nation’s food security.

The bill, which also prohibits Chinese ownership of oil, lumber, and mineral-bearing land, was explained by Texas State Senator Lois Kolkhorst as vital to ensure that the United States can fend against foreign threats, according to a report by Fox News.

She said, “food security is national security. We must safeguard our rare earth resources, oil and gas, and timber.”

Democrats in the states, however, have criticized the measure as discriminatory, with state Representative Gene Wu claiming it “takes away the rights of an entire class of people without due process and solely based on their national origin.”

“National security is a major matter,” but she said that if we are worried about foreign governments’ behavior, laws should only apply to those governments and their agents.

Florida is also considering enacting some restrictions on Chinese businesses buying land in the state, making Texas not the only U.S. state attempting to prohibit Chinese ownership of American agriculture.

Governor Ron Desantis stated, “We want no CCP land purchases, and obviously they are not going to do it directly.” We’ll need a mechanism to carefully examine this because they’ll have shell corporations.”

Then he asked, “But why would we want them buying farmland?” “Why would we want the CCP to own land near a base of military operations or own critical infrastructure?”

Asian American Texans and citizens of Iran, Russia, and other nations included in the ban have strongly opposed the bill and called it discriminatory.

Can U.S. citizens purchase real estate in China?

Yes, foreigners are permitted to buy real estate in China. The primary prerequisite is that you must have held a valid residence visa for at least a year while you studied or worked in China. Only one residential property may be owned by foreigners for residential use.

Can U.S. businesses own property in China?

Foreigners are prohibited from purchasing land in China by the Chinese Property Law since the land is state-owned.


What are your thoughts?

Should people from other countries who are not American citizens, be allowed to purchase land in America?

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