7 Survival Uses For Pill Bottles You’ll Love

survival uses for pill bottles

A few months ago my doctor advised I take a small break from work and go on a vacation… which is what got me thinking about the survival uses for pill bottles.

For a while, I was taking all kinds of medications.

My health had run away from me and I was managing it by taking meds. Ever since my vacation, I’ve been committed to making changes in my life.

I’ve switched up my diet, started exercising more, and started to take supplements.

These changes mean I’ve actually kicked some meds to the curb while feeling better in the process.

In the process, I realized some of the meds I don’t take any more are just sitting on the shelf. So I got to thinking I should write a blog post on the survival uses for pill bottles.

Depending on what kinds of pills you’re taking, and what bottles they come in, you’ll see there are actually some really clever ways pill bottles could help save your life.

Let me show them to you.
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See This Before Selecting Pill Bottle Survival Projects

One of the first things I need to make clear when talking about the survival uses for pill bottles is not all of these uses will work with all types of pill bottles.

Some pill bottles’ lids don’t secure securely. So, if you’re planning on using them to keep things dry then they’ll fail miserably.

The size of a bottle is also a consideration.

Small bottles are great for some things and not for others.

On the other hand, while big bottles are great for storing more gear, they take up more room in a bug out bag or survival kit.

So keep that in mind when selecting which survival uses for pill bottles will be the one you elect to move forward with.

Ready to see some of the top survival uses for pill bottles?

Great, here we go.

7 Of My Favorite Survival Uses For Pill Bottles

1 – Use them to keep ammo dry and ready:

If you’re carrying around extra ammo it’s vital it stays protected and dry. That’s why pill bottles are great. Depending on what kind of ammo you shoot will determine the kind of pill bottle to use. Taller pill bottles are great for longer rifle rounds.

If you’re shooting .22lr or pistol rounds then some of the shorter, squatty bottles work great.

This is what it’d look like (image from Pinterest)

survival uses for pill bottles

2 – Use them to make a first aid kit:

I love this idea because a pill bottle holds medicine. So, why not put medical supplies inside? I’d go with a medium sized bottle here. That way you can get some gloves, Tylenol, Motrin, Bandaids, Neosporin, alcohol wipes, needles and thread (for stitches) and more inside. Bigger bottles work best for this because tons of first aid gear will fit inside. Consider wrapping the bottle with ace bandage too since it won’t fit inside.

3 – Put survival seeds in them:

You want to eat after a crisis, right? Well storing survival seeds in a pill bottle will keep them safe and sound for a long time. For this use I’d stick to smaller bottles and place as many seeds as you want inside. Another suggestion is to use darker pill bottles or ones you can’t see through. You want to protect the seeds from the sun since it will harm them.

Make absolutely sure your bottle is 100% waterproof. The last thing you want is for water to seep inside and cause the seeds to sprout.

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4 – Make a fire starting kit:

This use is especially handy. You can stuff vaseline soaked cotton balls in there if you want. Or, put only dry items and some waterproof matches inside. Or… well pick your desired fire kit and you’re off to the races.

5 – Make a hunting/fishing kit:

First, pick a bigger bottle for this. The first option is to stuff it full of fishing gear. So, add hooks, lures, lines, bobbers and weights to a pill bottle to keep those supplies together and to keep from injury due to loose hooks. That’ll get you fishing in no time.

For hunting, I’d recommend throwing wire or paracord inside for snares. People underestimate how effective snares are for survival situations. They’re wonderful, but the wire is a pain to store… unless it’s in a container.

7 – Make a bomb out of one:

I’m going to leave this one off of my site, but you can Google how to accomplish this. Suffice to say if you want to use them as a self-defense weapon, using a pill bottle to make a bomb can be done. I just don’t want to show you how so the government doesn’t come knocking on my door.

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There Are More Uses Than Just Those…

The survival uses for pill bottles I listed above are my personal favorites.

Truth is there are a lot more than just those uses.

Consider the following:

  • Keep money stored inside and dry
  • Store matches
  • Load with rocks and tie to some fishing line for perimeter warning
  • Hide a key storage
  • Sharps container
And more.

Tell me if you can think of any uses in the comments below.

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