7 Survival Uses For Steel Wool

survival uses for steel wool
Did you know there are a bunch of survival uses for steel wool? It’s true – and they just might save your life in an emergency.You likely have a few pieces of steel wool in your kitchen right now. There’s no doubt these items are incredibly useful for getting that stuck-on grime and gunk off your pots and pans.But what most preppers don’t realize is these little kitchen scrubbers can do a whole lot more than just keep your utensils clean. In fact they can be a huge godsend in an emergency!

You’ll be astounded at these…

7 Survival Uses For Steel Wool

Sharpen Your Scissors

If you’ve got scissors you’ll need to keep them nice and sharp. Thankfully you can do this with the help of steel wool. Simply cut right through the wool to fine-tune those blades.

 Keep Rodents Away

Steel wool can be a great deterrent for keeping mice, rats and other rodents away from your home, bug out shelter, tent, and more. Just stuff balls of steel wool into cracks and small openings where these critters might try to get through.

You can also use them to plug up holes in baseboards, pipes, and more. Cover the steel wool with duct tape to help secure it.

Steel wool is effective for this use because, when the rodents come around they’ll begin chewing the steel wool. This will cause the rodent to feel severe mouth pain (and may even cause death), and will prevent them from breaking through.

Light A Fire

Got some steel wool and a 9V battery? You can start a fire in no time! Check out the video below to see this method in action.

Go Unnoticed

Want to keep people from seeing your footmarks? You can use steel wool and water to scrub away black heel marks that have scuffed up vinyl flooring.

Tighten A Screw

Got a loose screw? Wrap it in a wad of steel wool and insert the screw back into the hole. The steel wool will help tighten the screw, and will keep it in place.

Remove The Rust

Rust can drastically shorten the life of your survival tools. You can remove it by scrubbing the item down with steel wool.

Clean A Dirty Windshield

If you need to make a quick getaway, you can’t afford to be squinting through a dirty windshield. Simply wet down quad zero steel wool with water and scrub the glass. This will rid the glass of dirt and debris, and this particular grade of steel wool will help prevent scratching.


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