5 Ingenious Survival Uses For Plastic Straws

Do you know the various survival uses for plastic straws? Most preppers don’t!

Most people have at least a few plastic straws roaming around their kitchen.

And why not? They’re bendy, portable, and great for sipping on soda or refreshing iced tea.

However, it turns out these plastic straws are good for WAY more than just blowing bubbles in your drink. And once you discover all their uses, you’ll be stocking up on these bad boys ASAP.

Check out these…

5 Ingenious Survival Uses For Plastic Straws

Contain Your Spices + Instructions On Closing Up Straws With A Waterproof Seal

Most preppers don’t think about carrying seasonings with them when SHTF. However, these little spices can really amplify the flavor of your food – which can simultaneously boost morale  and encourage you to get more of the nutrition you need.

You don’t have to lug around a hefty spice rack, either. All it takes is some plastic straws and a bit of imagination, and in no time you’ll have a featherweight spice assortment to draw from at every meal.

Basically, each spice will fit into a straw, so first measure out on the straw how long you want it to be (aka how much you want to store). Snip off the rest, and set the remaining straw aside.

Then, using pliers, pinch one end of the straw about 1/8 inch from the top. Still clamping down with one hand, use the other hand to ignite a lighter, and graze the flame over that clamped down end of the straw. This will cause the plastic tip to melt together, ultimately closing it.

Once the plastic has all melted together, take your pliers and pinch down on that melted bit to shut it off completely. This will now create a waterproof, sealed container that’s great for storing spices.

Pour in your favorite versatile spice (i.e: cinnamon, garlic, salt, pepper, garlic salt, etc). Now use the same method as above to seal off the other hand. Now use a sharpie to label the straw with whatever spice is inside. Before you know it you’ll have an entire pantry’s worth of spices in your bug out bag – without the extra weight!

Carry Meds

Medicine can easily save your life in a crisis. However, carrying it around can be dangerous, let alone a hassle.

Thankfully, you can simply cut open a plastic straw, seal off the end (as shown in the 1st survival use) and store your pills in there.

Just be sure to label them – you don’t want a mixup!

Store First-Aid Equipment

Straws provide waterproof storage systems that are super compact and lightweight. That makes these great for holding first-aid supplies, such as antibiotic ointment, burn cream, and more. This way you can have all your first-aid essentials, without adding the extra bulk or weight.

Keep Your Teeth Clean

Mouthwash is excellent for fighting off gingivitis and keeping your teeth/gums healthy. However, the large containers can be cumbersome, and they can accidentally leak in your bag if the lid unscrews.

Thankfully, you can pour some into a straw (or multiple straws if you want individual ones for daily use). Simply close off one end of the straw (instructions shown in the 1st survival use listed). Then soak up some mouthwash into an eyedropper, and then transport it into the open straw. Seal off the end, label the straw, and you’re good to go.

Rustle Up Some Grub

Fishing equipment (at least the necessary stuff) often consists of fragile, small, easy to lose objects. Thankfully, by storing them in plastic straws, you have a lightweight, compact and easy-to-store case that’s always ready for action.

BONUS: Start A Fire

Here’s one of the coolest survival uses for plastic straws. By storing tinder in them (and then creating that waterproof seal we talked about) you can have a waterproof fire starter case that’s ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly often work great for this use. Pull apart these jelly-soaked cotton pieces, and rub them between your fingers in order to turn them into a long tube shape. Then use a match (or other thin, long object) to push the cotton into the straw. Seal up the other end, and we’re good to go.

When you’re needing a fire, you’ve now got a couple options. For one, you can cut open one end of the straw and set the whole thing ablaze. However, if you’re feeling thrifty, you can simply remove a little bit of tinder at a time and seal it back up after every use.

 BONUS #2: Even More Survival Uses For Plastic Straws

Want more ideas on how to put these mini survival tools to the test? Check out the video below for more even more survival uses for plastic straws.

Know of a cool “plastic straw hack” we didn’t include? Let us (and other preppers) know about it in the comments.