45 Incredible Survival Uses For Paracord

survival uses for paracord

There are TONS of survival uses for paracord. And they date back as far as World War II.

Back in those days, a “synthetic silk” was made for use in parachute riggings for military airborne units. Hence paracord (or “parachute cord”) was born.

Paracord is also often known as 550 cord. That’s because this durable cordage can stand up to 550 pounds of weight before breaking.

However, one of its more brilliant features is that it’s really 7 cords in 1. When you cut the paracord, this reveals 7 inner strands (or cords). You can use one (or multiple) of these strands to do basically anything.

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And when I say basically anything…I mean basically ANYTHING. It’s truly astounding how many survival uses for paracord there are. And, once you start to discover some, you’ll want to learn more and more until you master them all!

This lifesaving piece of equipment is worth looking into. That’s why you’ll want to discover these…

45 Incredible Survival Uses For Paracord

  1. Light a fire.
  2. Use it as fishing line.
  3. Stitch up a hole in a piece of clothing.
  4. Barter with it for more survival resources.
  5. Make a DIY tourniquet.
  6. Lower down equipment to someone in need.
  7. Lower yourself down a steep cliff.
  8. Tie around the wrists for makeshift handcuffs.
  9. Lash logs together to make a raft.
  10. String up a tent.
  11. Hang clothes to dry.
  12. Stitch up a wound.
  13. Repair a broken strap on a bug-out bag.
  14. Replace a pull cord on a boat engine, lawn mower, etc.
  15. Make a sling for a broken arm.
  16. Make a sling to carry a rifle with.
  17. Fashion a hairtie or a headband.
  18. Make a leash for your dog.
  19. Make a collar for your pet.
  20. Use it to measure distance.
  21. Make replacement laces for shoes/boots.
  22. Make a fishing net to catch lots of fish at once.
  23. Wrap around a tool to make a grip that never slips.
  24. Clean the hose on a camelback. Tie knots in the cord, pull through.
  25. Use as towing rope.
  26. Make a string for your bow.
  27. Attach it to a boat anchor.
  28. Use as a chewtoy to keep your dog/cat entertained.
  29. Lash up gear to your bug-out bag.
  30. Pull someone out of a deep hole.
  31. Tie windows down (or door flaps on a tent).
  32. Replace the strap on a watch.
  33. Drag heavy items.
  34. Use as a makeshift belt.
  35. Replace the pull tab of a zipper.
  36. Hang a lantern in a tent.
  37. Train plants in your garden.
  38. Tie up branches of a tree.
  39. Hang a hammock.
  40. Tie loose firewood together to make carrying much easier.
  41. Clean the bore of a rifle (tie knots in the paracord and drag it through).
  42. Climb a tree.
  43. Get deeper stretches.
  44. Floss using the inner strands.
  45. Tie between trees and make a trip wire.
The truth is, paracord is one of the most amazing and lifesaving resources on the planet. And, although it’s exceptional on its own, it’s even more effective when compared with other survival tools.
As you’ll see here, when you combine paracord with other lifesaving equipment like a compass, thermometer, fire starter, emergency whistle, clock, and more, you’ve found an unbeatable combo that will help you both survive and THRIVE in a crisis.
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