8+ Astounding Survival Uses For Pantyhose

survival uses for pantyhose

Most preppers have no idea how many survival uses for pantyhose there are.

That’s probably because pantyhose isn’t exactly at the top of the list when it comes to most preppers’ stockpile aspirations. After all, there doesn’t seem to be much use for it (other than the obvious).

… or so most preppers think.

As it turns out, there’s a ton of reasons preppers should keep pantyhose in their survival kit or bug out bag. And once you see these uses for yourself, you’ll wonder how you were ever prepping without this survival essential.

8+ Astounding Survival Uses For Pantyhose

Keep Animals Out Of Your Garden

Want to deter annoying pests from stealing the (literal) fruits of your labor? Wrap either human hair or dog hair in strips of pantyhose. Then tie them all around the proximity of your garden. Try to keep them off the ground and high up, such as attaching them to a nearby fence.

The smell of the hair and nylon will prevent deer and other animals from stepping foot into your garden again, thereby saving your fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Keep Blisters At Bay

With all the walking, running, etc., many preppers will have to contend with blisters in a survival situation. Luckily, there’s a way to prevent these from happening.

First, cut the feet off a pair of pantyhose. Then place a nylon “foot” the bottom of each shoe, so it’s between the sole of your shoe and your sock. This will help prevent blisters (and subsequent pain) from occurring as you walk.

Note: You can also buy nylon socks at the grocery store or your favorite shoe store. These will also work well, and stay on your feet better.

Make Mosquito Netting

You’ll need a few pairs of pantyhose for this use. Cut the pantyhose down the seam, turning it into a giant piece of nylon. Repeat this with every pair. Then tie the nylon pieces together, and hang them overhead around your shelter. The pantyhose will work as netting, preventing mosquitos and other insects from coming in.

Conceal Your Identity

If you can’t risk someone recognizing you, black pantyhose can help conceal your identity. Pull the pantyhose over your head – it will make your face harder to see, and will smush the features of your face, making you less recognizable. This can be ideal for making a quick getaway.

Make A Self-Defense Weapon

Place some small rocks into the feet of a pair of pantyhose. Then twist the top of the hose and tie with a piece of rope or paracord so the rocks don’t fall out. Now you’ve got a self-defense weapon you can swing around and hit an attacker with if they get too close. You can also use this weapon to hunt small game.

Stay Warm

As strange as it may sound, pantyhose is surprisingly warm when worn underneath clothing. In fact, soldiers have worn them in battle to help fight off pneumonia. Treat these nylon stockings like long-johns, and wear them on cold days/nights for an extra layer of warmth.

Keep Dust Out Of Your Lungs

If you find yourself in an area full of dust and debris, you can cover your face with pantyhose to prevent breathing it in. Keep in mind the nylon will not keep out toxins.

Keep Tinder Dry

Wet tinder can make it incredibly hard to start a fire. But, by placing it inside a pair of pantyhose and hanging it up to dry, the tinder can air out quickly and efficiently. This makes it way more likely to use again.


Want more survival uses for pantyhose? Watch the video for more details.