11 Insane Survival Uses For Milk Jugs

survival uses for milk jugs

Most preppers have no idea that there are actually tons of survival uses for milk jugs.

And this is a real shame, considering this survival tool can make surviving a crisis a heck of a lot easier.

After reading this article you’ll no longer want to throw these jugs away. You’ll want to keep them and store them for an upcoming crisis!

11 Insane Survival Uses For Milk Jugs

Take A Shower

Cleanliness is key in an emergency. Luckily, a plastic milk jug can help. Fill up the jug with water, seal the cap, and hang it on a low-hanging tree branch.

Then take a knife and stab small holes in the bottom of it. Stand under it, and you’ll have a DIY showerhead to help you get clean for the day.

Make A Deadly Defense Weapon

This project may take a lot of work – but it’s well-worth it in the end (especially if you prepare now). With some plastic milk jugs and a few other tools, you can make a heavy, dangerous mallet that can easily kill a man.

Check out the process in the video below.

Prevent Overwatering

Overwatering your plants isn’t just dangerous for the plant – it also leaves a huge mess.

Thankfully, you can use a plastic milk jug to catch the overflow. Draw a line around the jug about 5 inches up from the base. Then cut on the line, and place the base underneath a flower pot. This will catch the excess drainage and prevent the mess.

Store Supplies

Need to carry lots of compact survival tools at a time? Carry them with a milk jug. Simply cut off the top of the jug so you have a wide opening at the top. Then store the tools inside. And thanks to the handle, you can easily carry your stuff wherever you go.

Feed Fido

Lots of people plan on taking their dogs with them when SHTF. However, that dog is going to need food and water in order to survive. Make this easier by making a dog bowl out of an empty milk jug.

Measure about 4 inches up from the bottom of the jug, and draw a line all the way around. Cut across the line, and you’ve got a handy bowl you can feed your pup with.

DIY Compost Holder

Take an empty milk jug, and cut out the top so you’ve got a nice, wide opening, Then put in compost. Add water to the jug, and sit it out in the sun for a couple days.

Then pour this liquid over the soil in your survival garden. Your plants will flourish due to this huge boost of nutrients!

Secure The Shelter

Plastic milk jugs can help you prevent the ends of your tent from flying up in the wind. Simply fill the jug with dirt or heavy rocks. Then seal with the lid, and lay these heavy jugs on top of the edges of your tent. This will keep your shelter secure when the wind kicks up.

Make A Funnel

To make a funnel, cut horizontally around the jug about halfway up from the bottom. Take off the cap, and use the top half for a funnel when you need to transfer liquids and fine materials (like sand).

Light Your Way

First measure the milk jugs into four equal sections. Then cut out the top 1/4 of the jug. Fill this section with dirt, and then push your emergency candles into it.

This will help them stand securely, and the surrounding walls of the jug will protect the flame from the wind.

Water Filter

Water filtration is a must for survival. And luckily you can use an empty plastic milk jug to make one yourself.

Watch the video below for step-by-step instructions on how to make this lifesaving tool.

Make A Shovel

Shovels can really come in handy in most any situation. And thankfully you can make one in just a few minutes using a milk jug.

Check out the video below to see how it’s done.

BONUS: Even More Survival Uses

Great news – there are way more survival uses for milk jugs than you ever thought possible! Here’s a video explaining more of them.