6 Survival Uses For Turkey

Did you know there’s tons of survival uses for turkey?

Most preppers have no idea about this. And so they eat the meat and throw away the carcass of the bird.

However, this could spell disaster – especially considering all the ways you can use this bird for survival.

Rather than tossing it, you’ll want to save that leftover bird and take advantage of these…

6 Survival Uses For Turkey

Catch The Fishies

Little do you know you can use a leftover turkey to catch some fish for your next meal.

Basically you’ll want to save all the guts and inner parts. These make great fish bait!

Attach these to your hook and you’ll be swimming in fish by the end of the day.

Fine-Tune Your Defense Weapon

Most everyone knows you can make an arrow fly straighter with the help of feathers. Pluck out the turkey feathers and attach them to your arrows.

DIY Glue

Want to make your own glue? You’ll want to use the turkey skin for this. Remove the feathers and remove the skin. Then place the skin pieces in water, and simmer for about 3 hours.

After 3 hours, remove the skin pieces and discard. Continue simmering until the liquid cooks down and thickens, resembling a syrup.

You can then use this syrup (aka glue) immediately, or let it cool. If you let it cool, it’ll harden. You can then cut pieces of it when you need them.

Make Defense Weapons

Ready to make your own weapons? Keep all the turkey bones, and dry them completely. Then make daggers out of them by carving, grinding, and shaping the ends into sharp points.

Keep Your Gear Organized

Believe it or not, turkey tendons can make great replacement cordage. One of the ways you can use this is to tie similar items together when organizing your survival tools.

To make this work, simply remove the tendons, and dry them out for about 7 days. When completely dry, hammer the tendons (with either a hammer or a round, flat stone). This will help separate the strands.

You can then use these strands to tie tools, gear, etc. together.

Contain Small Items

Remove all the meat from the turkey legs, and let the bones dry completely. You can now use the hollow portion of the bones to hold compact gear that can otherwise be easily lost. This includes sewing needles, nuts and bolts, nails, etc.

BONUS: Great Way To Use That Leftover Meat

Chances are we’re all going to have lots of leftover turkey on our hands after the Thanksgiving holiday. As such, we’ve found a great recipe from a fellow prepper that uses that leftover meat.

Check it out below (and don’t forget to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday!).

Want EVEN MORE survival uses for that holiday bird? Never fear. On Thanksgiving Day we’re sending out a second survival article, packed with even more ways to use that turkey for all your survival needs. Stay tuned!


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