5+ Survival Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide

survival uses for hydrogen peroxide
Most all of us know what the basic survival uses for hydrogen peroxide are. The common ones are to disinfect wounds, cuts, scrapes, etc.
However, although that’s extremely helpful, it turns out there are a LOT of other ways to use this product when SHTF. And I’m not just talking about wound care, either.
This is fantastic news considering hydrogen peroxide is so darn CHEAP. Plus, it has a long shelf-life (3 years unopened) and can very easily save your life.
As a prepper, you likely have a bottle of hydrogen peroxide in your bug-out bag (and if you don’t, you should). However, you’ll want to add a few more bottles after discovering these…

5+ Survival Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide

NOTE #1: You’ll notice that each of these survival uses has a specific type of peroxide listed. That’s because hydrogen peroxide comes in various concentrations – and it’s extremely potent stuff. If you use a type that’s too powerful, it can actually cause damage rather than help. So do yourself a favor and stick to the type listed for each use.

NOTE #2: Anytime this article asks you to put the peroxide in a spray bottle, make sure the bottle is dark in color. This makes it so sunlight can’t get to it – therefore keeping the peroxide’s effectiveness intact. If you use a clear spray bottle, this can drastically reduce the effectiveness of your hydrogen peroxide.

Now on to the survival uses…

Kill Off Mold: 3% Hydrogen Peroxide

Mold is a known killer – especially to those with compromised immune systems. That’s why if you find mold you need to kill it fast.

This is fairly easy to do. Simply pour 3% hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle (pick one that’s dark in color so the effectiveness of the hydrogen peroxide isn’t compromised). Then spray it directly onto the mold. Leave it for 15 minutes, and then wipe up the mold using a clean towel.

WARNING: Make sure to wear nose and mouth protection when cleaning up mold! Inhaling mold spores can easily lead to sickness and a wide range of very unpleasant symptoms.

Fight Bacteria & Sinus Infections: 3% Hydrogen Peroxide

Got an ear infection? How about the common cold? All these (and bacteria in general) can be fought using 3% hydrogen peroxide.

Pour the peroxide into an eye dropper (make sure it’s clean first). Then tilt your head to the side and pour about 3 drops into your ear. While not moving your head, let the peroxide sit in your ear for about 10 minutes. If you hear it fizzing, don’t be alarmed – that means it’s working.

After 10 minutes tilt your head to the opposite side and let the remaining peroxide fall out. Now repeat with the other ear.

Have a sinus infection? You can treat the issue by making your own peroxide nasal spray. Pour 4 parts water and 1 part 3% hydrogen peroxide into a nasal spray bottle (Make sure the water has NO CHLORINE in it before putting it into the bottle). Then shake up the mixture and spray the solution twice up each nostril. You may need to do this once every 24 hours until the sinus infection clears up.

Kill Germs In The Air: 3% Hydrogen Peroxide

Airborne germs are some of the most common ways people get sick – that’s because they can infect lots of people at once.

To kill off those germs you’ll need 3% hydrogen peroxide. But first you’ll need to assess how much water you typically add to your humidifier.

The basic rule is: for every gallon of water you add to your humidifier, you’ll also need to add 1 pint of hydrogen peroxide. Once you pour both liquids in, run your humidifier. The peroxide will filter into the air and start killing that nasty bacteria in the surrounding air. (This can work wonders if you have to bug-in during a crisis).

Purify Water: 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

This is one of the coolest and most useful survival uses for hydrogen peroxide. That’s because it will remove bacteria found in a variety of unclean water sources, such as streams, lakes and rivers.

WARNING: DO NOT SPILL THE PEROXIDE ON YOURSELF. As you can imagine, 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide is extremely potent. It will eat away at your skin in seconds. So make sure to wear protective clothing, masks, eye protection, etc. to keep yourself safe.

Mix a gallon of unpurified water with 1/8 cup of hydrogen peroxide. Stir the liquid thoroughly, and then allow it to sit for about 20 minutes. This allows the peroxide an adequate amount of time to oxidize the water and make it safe for human consumption.

Bartering: 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (Although You Can Barter With Any Concentration)

As you can imagine, hydrogen peroxide will be an extremely popular bartering item when SHTF. With so many uses (we haven’t even covered half of them) it will be a HOT commodity in a crisis.

As such, it’s crucial to know how to barter hydrogen peroxide effectively so you can get the most “bang for your buck.” Watch the video below for some tips on how to do this right. (Need captions? Hit the CC button in the lower right corner of the video).

EVEN MORE Survival Uses

The truth is there are LOTS of survival uses for hydrogen peroxide. So many, in fact, that I simply can’t cover all of them in one blog. That’s why I’ve included the following videos to help you out. Each one contains lifesaving ways you can use this magical liquid to protect yourself and your loved ones when SHTF.

Again, be sure to pay special attention to the concentration of the peroxide for each survival use. Enjoy!