7 Amazing Survival Uses For Coke

Coca-Cola is by far one of the most popular and top-selling soda products in the nation (if not the world). In fact, it’s likely you’ve got at least one can of it in your fridge right now.
But, for as much as people buy this soda for the taste, very few buy it for its survival-enhancing benefits. And that’s exactly the mindset you’ll need to be in to prepare for SHTF.
You’ll be astounded once you learn about these…

7 Amazing Survival Uses For Coke

Get Outta Dodge

One of the most annoying things about wintertime is how your windshield and car windows can ice over. And this can be especially nightmarish in an emergency, when you need to get out fast.

Luckily, Coke contains phosphoric acid, which is extremely acidic. And this acid can cut through built-up ice, helping you be ready to drive off in no time.

To use this method, simply pour the can of Coke directly onto the ice. Let it sit for about 30 seconds or so, and then wipe it away with a towel.

Remove Rust

Rust can drastically shorten the lifespan of your survival tools. Luckily, Coke can help remove that rust and prolong their use.

To remove the rust, simply soak the tool in a glass of Coke. Alternatively, if it’s only slightly rusty, you can pour a little Coke onto the rust spot, let it soak in for a few minutes, and then wipe it away.

Feel free to repeat this process as necessary until your survival tools shine like new.

Make Burned-On Food Disappear

Got pots and pans with burns and other tarnishes? These can pose health problems if you continue to use them.

Luckily, Coke can help restore this cookware to looking as good as new. Simply pour the Coke and let it sit on top of the burns/tarnishes for a full minute. Alternatively, you can soak the cloth in Coke, and give the pot/pan a nice rubdown. Then scrub the burn/tarnishes away!

Remove The Evidence

Did you know Coke can actually remove blood stains? This might come in handy when SHTF. Just sayin’…

There’s a few ways you can do this. For one, you can add Coke to your washing machine, along with the detergent. This will help take out the blood stains from your clothing.

In addition, you can pour the Coke onto the fabric/cement/material the blood is on, and let it soak in. This is proven to work – after all, reports show paramedics sometimes bring Coca-Cola with them to help remove blood off of streets and sidewalks.

Pain Relief

Did you know Coke can temporarily relieve pain from bee stings, jellyfish stings, and more? As it turns out, by pouring Coke over a minor wound, this can help temporarily remove the pain.

Remove Stuck-On Oil

Residual oil and stuck-on oil can both cause severe injuries. From general health hazards to slips & falls, this stuff is no bueno. And if this oil gets onto your survival tools, it can be very difficult to clean.

Well, thanks to Coca-Cola, you now have an effective cleaning solution for residual and stuck-on oil. This stuff is so powerful, it can even clean a car engine!

Simply pour the Coke directly onto the oil spill, and then wipe it up with towels. If the oil is on electronics, it’s better to take a towel with a little Coke on it, and delicately wipe it onto the oily areas.

Prevent The Pests

Here’s an interesting tidbit. Apparently certain farmers in India use Coca-Cola rather than pesticides to keep their crops pest-free. This seems to be effective due to the drink’s high sugar content.

However, Coca-Cola has denied this use, saying there is nothing in this beverage that can be used as a pesticide. We’ll let you make up your mind about this one.

 BONUS: Survival Uses for Coke Cans

Good news! Now that we’ve gone over some of the survival uses for the Coca-Cola liquid, it’s time to discover some of the survival uses for the Coke can itself. Enjoy!

Know of more survival uses for Coke? Let us know in the comments!


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