19 Survival Uses For Coffee Filters

survival uses for coffee filters

Many preppers have no idea how many survival uses for coffee filters there are. And this is a huge shame, considering how useful these can be in a crisis.

Believe it or not, coffee filters are good for a lot more than just straining out the grounds in that morning cup of java.

And, once you realize how incredibly versatile this survival tool is, you’ll be stuffing them in your survival kit, go-bag and emergency kit to prepare for an upcoming disaster.

To help you get ready for an emergency, you’ll want to know about these…

19 Survival Uses For Coffee Filters

Dryer Sheets

Want a DIY dryer sheet? Simply pour white vinegar onto multiple coffee filters, as well as a few drops of a good smelling essential oil on each one. Then use these as dryer sheets in your next few loads of laundry.

Seasoning Packets

Seasoning packets are an essential survival supply that can help bring “a bit of home” to your meal. And with the help of coffee filters, making your own seasoning packets is a breeze.

Pour your favorite spice into a filter. Then use string to close up the top. Label the outside, and you’ve got delicious flavorings to add to soups, meats, and more in an emergency.

Breakfast Juice

Want to make your daily orange juice taste even better when SHTF? Use a coffee filter to help filter out the pulp and seeds. Delicious!

Stop The Blood

If you cut yourself in a crisis, you’ll need to stop the bleeding fast. Press a coffee filter against the wound to help soak up the blood.

Collect Snacks

Coffee filters are an ideal food storage tool since they’re cheap, lightweight and save on space. Store snacks like goldfish, dried fruit and more in these. (They’re also great for portion control and rationing out your food supply!).

Clean Windows

If you’ve got dingy windows (but don’t have paper towels) you can use a coffee filter to help that glass sparkle. Keep in mind coffee filters aren’t just great for windows –  you can use them as a makeshift rag for other cleaning as well.

Stop The Rust

Rust can be a real killer – which is why it’s important to nip it in the bud as early as possible.

You can do this with coffee filters – just place these onto your tools, pots & pans, etc after washing. The filter will help soak up the excess water, and help prevent the accumulation of rust buildup.

Keep The Bugs Off

Bugs (like mosquitos and flies) are annoying – especially when you’re trying to peacefully eat your meal.

Keep the bugs at bay by covering your food with coffee filters when you’re mid-bite. This will keep the bugs off your food (and can help prevent the spread of disease).

Organize Your Odds & Ends

Few things are more aggravating than losing a nail, screw, pen, etc. in the midst of an important project.

Thankfully, you can use coffee filters to separate and organize these compact tools. Not to mention, you can tie off the top of each filter so those nails, screws, etc. stay in place and out of the way until you need them.

Lighten Up Your Meals

Greasy food may be delicious, but it’s also pretty terrible for your heart and arteries. Lighten up your meal by sopping up the grease with coffee filters. Slip the paper under the food, as well as on top. Then lightly press on the filters to help them soak up the excess fat.

Start A Survival Garden

Starting a garden? Add your favorite fruit, veggie and herb seeds to a coffee filter. Add a little soil and sprinkle in some water. This will help your seeds to sprout before planting them in their permanent home.

You can also use coffee filters to just store the seeds by themselves in between planting seasons. This keeps them organized and out of the way until you need them.

Headache Relief

Need to lessen your headache? Soak coffee filters in cold water and then freeze them. Once frozen, apply to your forehead to use as a cooling compress.

Reduce Eye Puffiness

If your eyes hurt and become puffy, you can use coffee filters to help them feel better. Soak some coffee filters in brewed tea, and then put them in the fridge. Once chilled, close your eyes and apply the filters to help reduce the puffiness.

Water Filtration

Need some filtered water? Here’s a method – put a coffee filter in the mouth of a cup. Then pour dirty water in, and let the large debris (twigs, dirt, etc) filter out. Make sure to boil the water afterward for at least 3 minutes to ensure it’s safe to drink.

Clear Your Vision

Dirty glasses can be a huge pain – especially in a crisis. To clean them off, dip a coffee filter in cold water and rub the filter on your glasses. These will clean your glasses (without adding lint like paper towels/kleenex tend to do). You can also use this method for cleaning off tablets, phones and more.

Toilet Paper Substitute

If you run out of T.P. you can use coffee filters as a substitute. And, if you open the filter and put your hand inside before using, this can help ensure your hands stay clean.

Remove Odors

Let’s face it – nobody is going to be smelling like a rose when SHTF. However, you can absorb some of those odors with the use of coffee filters. Pour baking soda in the filter, tie off the top, and then throw it into whatever smells (clothing, bug-out bag, shoes, etc). The baking soda will help absorb those odors, allowing you to breathe more easily.


Need to transfer liquids? You can use a coffee filter as a funnel. Just close it, cut off the tip and you’re good to go.

Stain Remover

Rather than attempting to wash your entire shirt, pair of pants, etc. you can utilize some simple stain removal with the help of a coffee filter.

BONUS: Even More Survival Uses

We may have covered 19 survival uses for coffee filters, but the truth is this article is just skimming the surface. So, to give you more ideas, we’ve included this video with a few more!

(Know of a use that we missed? Let us (and your fellow preppers) know in the comments below!).