14 MORE Survival Tips From Les Stroud

survival tips from les stroud

In a previous survival article we showed you 10 top survival tips from Les Stroud. As you may know, Stroud is a survival expert & avid outdoorsman. You may recognize him from Discovery Channel’s Survivorman, where Stroud puts himself in a variety of dangerous situations & climates and teaches you how to survive under the bleakest conditions.

Well the truth is Stroud has A LOT more wisdom to offer than what we could fit into one survival article. Which is why we wrote this second article. Enjoy!
Stay Warm In The Cold
Here’s a cool trick. Heat up large rocks in the fire while you’re getting ready for bed. Then place them around you while you sleep. You can even place them in your sleeping bag! This will help you stay nice and toasty in the cold. 
Figure Out Directions
To help find your way, look for moss. Generally, the most amount of moss will typically be growing on the northside (helping you navigate). However, although this tip can come in handy, Les Stroud does say using a compass is a more reliable method.
Have An Endless Supply of Tinder
Pack a vegetable peeler in your go-bag. Then when you need a fire, use it to peel thin branches to make an endless supply of fire-starting tinder. Use some of it, and store the rest in a waterproof container for later. 
Check Your Boots
Always turn your boots/shoes over and give them a good whack before putting them on. This will help get out any insects that may have set up camp in your footwear overnight. 
Help Your Body Out
Make sure to always pee before you go to sleep. This will make sure your body doesn’t have to do the work of keeping that liquid warm inside you.
Be Smart with Your Shelter Location
Found a water source? Set up your shelter near it. This will make it a lot more convenient for gathering water. 
Learn The Skills
Do your best to learn essential survival skills beforehand, such as foraging, hunting and fishing. These can really come in handy in both survival and everyday uses!
Eat Before Sleeping

Eat before you go to bed eat night. This will help your body stay warm at night, since it’ll be burning that tasty fuel you ate.

Give Your Rescuers Their Best Shot

Want to get rescued/found? Rip an old t-shirt into long strands and tie them to tree branches as you walk. This will help anyone on the trail be able to follow your path and find you.

Scope Out Your Spot

Before committing to a shelter location, make sure to scope out the area. You want to make sure wherever you set up camp has the critical resources (water, trees, hunting) you can live off of.

Figure Out When The Sun Sets

Here’s a cool trick. You can use your fingers to determine how long you’ve got before sunset. Simply hold your fingers horizontally between the sun and the horizon. Count how many fingers fit between them. One finger is equivalent to one hour.

Set A Trap

Want to catch small game like squirrels and rabbits? Use the large rocks and twigs at your disposal (plus cordage) to rig a snare and rustle up some grub.

Use Every Last Bit

Once you’ve caught your game, utilize every single part of the animal. This ensures you’re not wasting anything, and it will help prevent against malnutrition.

Always Carry A Go-Bag

Always carry a sturdy and durable backpack with survival essentials (multi-tool, knife, weatherproof matches, paracord, flashlight, compass, etc). These will prove to be incredibly useful.