The DIY Survival Kit From Amazon

In the next few minutes, I’m going to show you the easiest way to build a survival kit from Amazon.

I’m sure most of you have heard of Amazon.

Assuming you know about Amazon I want to explain how and why Amazon became the best place to buy survival gear online.

As you know, Amazon started off as an online bookstore. After selling books, they started to sell smaller physical products online.

Over the years of selling more products than anyone else online, they’ve morphed into the #1 online store in the world. 50% off all products purchased online are bought from Amazon.

Insane to think isn’t it?

And that means they have an incredible power to make survival gear super affordable.

In the past few months, I’ve even discovered that if you use Amazon’s Prime membership you never pay for shipping on gear… and it gets you even better deals than before.

And that’s why I believe everyone should build their survival kit from Amazon.

Let me be upfront. Amazon doesn’t carry all the gear in the world. There are some solid survival products you simply can’t buy from Amazon. So when I see those products I’ll be sure to let you know.

However, I want to help you save money on survival gear so I’m going to outline a small list of survival gear you can find on Amazon and buy today at HUGE savings.

Check it out:

Why Amazon Prime is Perfect For Building a Cheap DIY Survival Kit From Amazon

Get Prime Here

The biggest reason to shop Amazon is their Amazon Prime service.

With Prime, you pay $99 a year and you get free shipping, free tv, free music, and tons of other things you’d usually pay big money for absolutely free.

For some, $99 might seem like a lot of money to spend on a service like Prime.

However, when you consider how other online stores make you spend $49 just to get free shipping you can see how Prime will save you money.

Imagine buying a $5 item every month that normally requires $5 shipping and having it shipped to your house for free. That alone will save you $60 a year.

In many cases, you can get items you’d normally buy at the store cheaper than the store price.

Plus they’ll be delivered to you in 1-3 days. Meaning you don’t have to even leave the house to get them.

And lastly, if you’re the kind of person who slowly adds to their bug out kit when money is available, Prime will help you save TONS in shipping costs.

Think about it. If you buy one item every month and spend an average of $7 in shipping you’re spending $72 in shipping just to get build your survival kit.

That’s crazy!

I’m using Prime all the time now and it’s already saved me more than $300 in 2017 alone!

Now, regardless if you decide to get Prime or not (follow this link to sign up) I wanted to show you the easiest DIY survival kit from Amazon imaginable.

I’ve hand selected the best gear at great prices. So even if you don’t get Prime, this will still help you save bookoo bucks.

The Ultimate DIY Amazon Survival Kit

1 – Bags:

People talk about bug out bags and survival kits all the time. Most times they simply talk about the gear that goes inside, not the bag itself.

The two best options are either a backpack or a duffel bag. Backpacks are great for longer bug outs, duffels are ideal for keeping in the trunk of your car or in a closet.

Here are the two I recommend along with their prices.

Click any of the pictures in the rest of the article and it’ll take you to Amazon so you can add it to your cart.


2 – Firestarters

If you can’t start a fire then you’re going to be SOL in a crisis. I recommend carrying two. A simple striking fire starter, like a magnesium striking rod as well as a windproof and waterproof lighter.

You should definitely look into learning how to make a fire without a firestarter to be ultimately prepared. However, putting a fires starter in your kit is a great idea.

I like magnesium rods because they’ll last forever and work in almost any conditions. They can be tricky so I recommend practicing lighting a fire with them first.

The Tesla lighter is a crazy cool fire starter and makes lighting a fire easier than saying Tesla. Press a button and it shoots jets of red-hot plasma out the top to start a fire. Both are great addition to a bug out bag.

3 – Water Purification

It should go without saying that if you want to stay alive longer than 3 days in a SHTF situation you have a way to clean water.

I love simple water filters that last a long time and don’t cost a lot. That’s why I recommend the Sawyer water filter. It gets rid of 99.9999% of dangerous pathogens and will filter up to 100,000 gallons of water.

The other water purification I recommend is iodine pills. Potable Aqua drops are a simple and no-brainer way to clean water in an instant.

Both are incredibly affordable and you won’t find better prices on them anywhere else!

4 – Knife:

If you ask some survivalists, a knife is the #1 tool to put in your survival kit from Amazon. A knife has more uses than I can count so it really comes down to what kind do you want to get?

I recommend a full tang blade like the M-Tech (similar to what’s used by the Marines) as well as a folding knife for everyday carry.

The two knives I listed below are amazing weapons and these are the best prices you’ll find anywhere on these high-quality blades.

5 – Emergency Warmth:

If you’re ever caught in a SHTF situation dying from exposure to the elements is one of the biggest things you need to worry about.

For that reason, you should have gear that keeps you warm when it’s cold as well as protects you from wind, sun, rain and more.

Fortunately, these supplies are easy to come by, cheap, lightweight and portable.

My recommendation is this, get an emergency sleeping bag and an emergency tent and you’re all set to go. These are some of the best products for a DIY survival kit from Amazon.

6 – Survival Food:

Rounding out the list of things to get for a DIY survival kit from Amazon is survival food. When most people buy survival food they’re forced to pay a lot in shipping because food is so heavy. That’s exactly why I recommend going to Amazon for survival food.

When it comes to survival food I advise you get a 72-hour supply as well a supply that lasts several months.

For the sake of putting a survival kit from Amazon together, I’ll limit the selections to the best tasting and best value 72-hour survival food.

Other Items For A Survival Kit From Amazon

The list I created is not in the least bit exhaustive.

To continue shopping there for more gear simply follow this link and then type “survival gear” and you’ll find all kinds of gear you can use to stay alive in a crisis.

I guarantee if you do most of your online shopping at Amazon you’ll save hundreds on the cost of survival gear in the future


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