How To Make A Living Off Survival Gardening

survival gardening
One of the main worries preppers tend to have when considering a long-term bug out situation is the idea of survival gardening.
The realities of having to grow your own fruits and vegetables and truly living off the land can scare off a lot of people.
However, the good news is this idea no longer has to scare you off for good.
As you’re about to see, survival gardening can pay off in a lot of big ways. Not only can it help feed yourself and your family, but it can also help you make some extra money on the side for bills and other expenses.Plus, it can be a lot easier than you might think to get the delicious and nutritious fruits and veggies you desire.

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How To Make A Living Off Survival Gardening

Sell Off Extra Produce

One of the best parts about gardening is being able to reap what you sow. And, in many cases, you may end up reaping WAY more zucchini, cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, etc. than what you were originally bargaining for.

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This is a really good thing – especially since people typically love food that is local. That’s because organic produce is healthier, and typically much tastier than store-bought groceries. Plus, there’s peace of mind in knowing where the food is coming from.

You can use all this to your advantage by selling off extra produce to people in the area. Plus, you may not have near as much competition as you think, since people are often much less willing to put in the work of gardening – and much more willing to pay for the convenience of having someone else grow it.

The only trick is to grow enough produce to keep your family full, while also growing enough produce to sell off. However, as time goes on you’ll be able to get an idea of how much of each fruit and veggie is ideal to plant in order to reap the most rewards.

Sell Off The Seedlings

One of the most amazing things about plants is that they grow from seeds. And, since that’s true, you won’t have to wait until harvest time in order to gain a profit.

The fact is some seeds are better than others, and not every seed will produce a plant. Because of this, many people don’t want to go through the trial and error of growing plants from seeds.

That’s why seedlings can be such a big seller. Seedlings are young “starter” plants that grow from the seeds. They’re not full-fledged vegetables yet, but they’re large enough to be living proof that the seed is fertile and able to produce vegetation.

Seedlings show the consumer that the seed “works,” and is good for growing. This eliminates the guesswork, and encourages consumers to take the seedling home and finish growing it themselves

Not to mention, seedlings tend to have a higher value if they’re a local species, versus one that isn’t native to the area (but is grown in a similar climate). Since people will often pay more for local, this can really add up!

 Sell Organic Compost

The best plants tend to grow in nutrient-rich soil. Unfortunately, this can be really hard for farmers to come by – especially in an SHTF situation. However, if you’ve got your own organic composting pile, this can be a great opportunity to reap the benefits and turn an extra profit!

Growers will often pay a lot for nutrient-rich compost, since it helps their plants at home thrive.

Composting can take a long time to make. However, if you get in the practice now, you can reap serious benefits when people need it most!

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Teach Gardening Skills

Sure, it’s tempting to hoard all the veggies and fruit for yourself. But, eventually, you want people to learn how to be self-sufficient so they can feed their families (and ultimately be able to trade their produce with you!).

Not only that – helping others will help improve people’s opinion about you, and will make them more likely to want to do business with you (or help you out when you need it most) later on.

Not to mention, you can make some extra income by sharing your gardening tips with them!

There’s a surprising amount of people out there who don’t know the first thing about gardening. And the more this skill becomes lost among the generations, the more you can reap the rewards by teaching this valuable skill.

You can hold one-on-one lessons, or hold a group class for locals in town. Just be sure to have them pay up front – or at least put a deposit down.

By teaching your community this valuable skill, you can stop being an outsider, and start being a person the locals can look to with respect and appreciation. Plus, if they have a skill you don’t, they’ll be more likely to teach you a thing or two.

How To Get Started

There are many ways to make some extra income off gardening. But the first step is learning how to garden yourself – and the best way to do that is to plant your very own survival garden at home.

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Not only can The Compact Garden be planted in small spaces, but it can also be planted in total secrecy. This way, NO ONE has to know about your healthy crops – or your nutrient-rich organic compost – until you’re ready to make a profit!

Plus, the Compact Garden is perfect for the lazy gardener who still wants to make some extra money. This method is so easy, you don’t even need a shovel to reap the rewards!

Even if you’re 75 and/or extremely limited physically, this incredible book gives you the power to grow delicious fruits and vegetables – guaranteed. No excessive bending, grunt work or lifting of heavy objects required!

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