SUCCESSION: George Soros Hands $25 Billion Empire to ULTRA-Liberal Son

SUCCESSION: George Soros Hands $25 Billion Empire to ULTRA-Liberal Son

( – The $25 billion financial empire of billionaire left-wing Democrat contributor George Soros is being passed to his younger son Alex, who has vowed to support even more ultra-liberal causes.

The newly chosen 37-year-old successor told the Wall Street Journal that in addition to “gender equality,” he will expand his notoriously woke father’s interests to include voting and abortion rights.

In addition, he feels compelled to get involved in the country’s ongoing political issues in preparation for the 2024 election.

Alex compared himself to his Hungarian-born businessman father and said, “I’m more political.”

In less than a year, he has made 17 trips to the White House and met with prominent Democrats, according to reports.

He recently tweeted a photo of himself with Kamala Harris, the vice president.

The Soros family’s non-profit, Open Society Foundations, donates around $1.5 billion annually to causes worldwide.

On the Open Society website, the young man’s profile states that in addition to being “the founding chair of Bend the Arc Jewish Action, he sits on the boards of Bard College, the Center for Jewish History, Central European University, the European Council on Foreign Relations, and International Crisis Group.”

The Soros scion expressed concern about Donald Trump’s potential for a second term in office, saying that the family will support Democrats strongly in the 2024 presidential race.

“As much as I would want to make money off of politics,” he added, “we will have to do it too as long as the other side is doing it.”

According to reports, Alex pushed Democratic leaders to be “more patriotic and inclusive” to earn voters’ support during the interview.

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