11+ Spring & Summertime Uses For The Emergency Survival Blanket

emergency survival blanket

The Emergency Survival Blanket (ESB) is a truly amazing invention. That’s because this emergency sleeping bag traps your body heat inside of it. This can easily save your life in a wintertime emergency.  After all, if it’s zero degrees outside, you can simply slide inside the ESB without fear of dying from hypothermia.

But what about the rest of the year? Can you really use your Emergency Survival Blanket during cooler seasons?


The Emergency Survival Blanket is one of the essential tools necessary for camping, hiking, or road trips. Not to mention, if you’re stuck in a survival situation in the middle of spring or summer, the ESB has you covered.

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You’ll be astounded at all the ways you can use your ESB once you discover these…

11+ Spring & Summertime Uses For The Emergency Survival Blanket

Collect Rainwater

Need some fresh, pure drinking water? Use your ESB to collect it! Simply dig a hole in the ground that’s both shallow and wide. Then lay the blanket over the hole, securing the corners with rocks so it lays flat. As rainwater fills the blanket. you can gently lift the blanket up and pour the collected water into a container.

Signal Rescue Teams

Need rescuing? You can use your ESB to get the attention of rescue teams from land, sea, or air. The material’s reflective material can be used similarly to a signal mirror. Hold it up and allow the sunlight to bounce off it. The light reflecting off the blanket can be easily seen, helping you get found more quickly.

This Emergency Survival Blanket Helps You Get Found By Rescuers In No Time.

Build A Shelter

One of the great things about the Emergency Survival Blanket is you can use it to make a bunch of  different shelters. Whether it’s an A-Frame, a Lean-To, or other type of shelter, this simple blanket can do wonders in keeping you protected from the elements.

Get Found

Another great way to use your ESB is to make trail markers out of it. You can do this by cutting strips off the blanket and tying them around tree branches as you walk. This way, rescue teams can be led right to you.

Make Your Own Cordage

If you’re out of rope or paracord, you can use your ESB to make cordage. Simply cut it into strips and braid the strips together. This will give you a fairly durable cord to use.

Immobilize An Arm

If you or someone in your party hurts their arm, you can make a sling to immobilize it.

Here’s a video to show you how to make a sling. You can easily make this work using the Emergency Survival Blanket.

Keep Your Pants Up

If for some reason you lose your belt, you can use the ESB instead. Simply twist up a section of the blanket (or use the whole thing if you need) and slip it through your belt loops.

Make A Poncho

If it rains, just cut a hole in the center of the ESB. This turns the blanket into a poncho, keeping you warm and dry.

This ESB Keeps You Dry And Protected – No Matter What The Weather Is Doing.

Stop The Bleeding

In a survival situation, you can use the Emergency Survival Blanket to make your own tourniquet. This will stop the bleeding and can easily save lives.

 Boost Your Signal

Cut a strip of reflective material off the ESB, and use it as a makeshift antenna for a phone or radio.

Catch A Fish

Trying to rustle up some grub? Cut a strip off the ESB and use it as a lure next time you go fishing. These reflective strips will catch the curiosity of a fish, making you more likely to catch one.


The truth is, the survival uses for the Emergency Survival Blanket are practically endless. And that’s why there’s no excuse not to have one in your bug out bag, survival kit, vehicle, and camping gear.

No matter what season it is, we want to make sure you prepare yourself effectively for an emergency situation. And that’s why we’re going to show you how to get one of these incredibly effective Emergency Survival Blankets for Free.

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