Speaker Johnson Stands Firm Against Open Borders Biden


Representative Mike Johnson (R-LA) staunchly and unapologetically rebuffed yet another misguided attempt to fund President Biden’s disastrous border operations, coupled with an outrageous heap of foreign aid on Wednesday.

This defiant stance follows Johnson’s unequivocal rejection of a similar farcical deal over the weekend. Taking to Twitter, he made it abundantly clear that playing politics is not the game they’re playing; it’s about demanding genuine policy changes. According to Johnson, these changes aren’t just what the American people need and deserve – they’re demanding them too.

These strategically timed comments came just before a White House meeting with President Joe Biden and other congressional leaders to discuss the supplemental funding deal. Senate negotiators have been diligently working, not to solve the border crisis, but to concoct a convoluted compromise that keeps the foreign aid flowing.

A vocal proponent of H.R. 2, Johnson champions a comprehensive border security package that aims to resurrect several of President Donald Trump’s effective policies. Policies that he contends would have nipped the ongoing migrant crisis in the bud. December saw law enforcement grappling with over 300,000 migrants, a testament to the utter failure of the current administration.

Standing as the lone voice of reason amid the sea of spineless politicians, Johnson is unwavering in his rejection of the White House’s feeble strategy of bundling border security with foreign aid. While Democrats collaborate to find common ground (or rather, common folly), Johnson insists that H.R. 2 is the non-negotiable starting point for discussions.

Dismissing the euphemistic terms like “comprehensive immigration reform” and “comprehensive border security,” Johnson hammered home the stark reality – the provisions in the House bill are meticulously crafted to work together. Removing any major provisions, according to him, would render the bill ineffective in addressing the supposed migrant influx.

Public sentiment on Biden’s border management is not just negative; it’s a collective outcry against the abject failure of this administration. Independents and Democrats alike are pointing fingers at Biden’s incompetence in dealing with the issue. Democrat officials nationwide have pleaded with Biden to take decisive action against the purportedly unprecedented number of migrants inundating their cities.

Yet, in the face of this overwhelming failure, Johnson stands tall as a beacon of sanity, decrying Biden’s “hide and house” strategy for what it is – a feeble attempt to sweep the problem under the rug. This strategy, according to critics, offers nothing more than a temporary relocation of migrants, potentially reducing associated crime until the next crisis erupts.

In his unyielding stance, Johnson stressed the urgency for Republicans to leverage their position for a lasting solution beyond an election year. He cited concerns over fentanyl-related deaths and human trafficking by border cartels as reasons to double down on a stringent approach. He also called for accountability in funding Ukraine’s war, demanding assurances that it won’t turn into another protracted conflict like Afghanistan. According to Johnson, securing the U.S. border takes precedence over addressing other international matters, and it’s high time someone said it loud and clear.