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21 Ways To Use Socks For Survival

socks for survival

We’re betting you had no idea all the ways you can use socks for survival.

Socks are everywhere – in the stores, in our laundry hampers, on our feet… and yet so often we don’t recognize the astounding uses these little cotton survival tools have.

Luckily, socks are incredibly versatile, and can actually do a lot for you in the midst of a survival situation.

Don’t believe me? Check out these…

21 Ways To Use Socks For Survival

1 –  Filtering Water: Stage 1

In a survival situation, you may need to gather water from a natural spring, lake, etc. As such, this water might have a large amount of sediment in it.

You can use a sock to help filter out the dirt (as well as large debris), making it easier for drinking. Use tightly-woven socks for this method, since they’ll catch more sediment. Be sure to go through a second (or third) purification step, such as boiling for a few minutes, to ensure the water is safe to drink.

2 – Make A Tourniquet

Socks can make surprisingly good tourniquets if you’re bleeding. Use long socks to wrap around your extremities and help stop the bleeding. Keep in mind the thinner the sock is, the easier it’ll be to wrap around/tie.

Also, remember that you must be able to relieve pressure so that the limb doesn’t become permanently damaged (so make sure you can untie the knot quickly and easily).

3 – Carry Ammo

If you want an easy, convenient way to carry ammunition, simply place them inside a sock. (Make sure it doesn’t have any holes first). Tie off the top and you’ve got a secure, dry holding place for your ammo until you need it.

4 – Accompany Your Rifle Sling

If your rifle sling is uncomfortable, you can slide an old sock over the sling. This can help insulate those sharp corners and make it easier to carry.

5 – Clean Your Firearm

You can use a sock to help ensure your firearm stays clean at all times. And the good news is you can cut up the sock to make it last longer for this purpose.

Cut the sock into pieces (make each piece about 2 in wide) and use it to clean out each component.

6 – Burn-Free Pot Holding

Whether you’re boiling water to purify it or cooking up some survival grub, chances are you’ll be using a pot to do it. And you won’t be able to cook very long if you burn your hand on the pot handle.

Instead of oven mitts, you can wrap a sock around the handle to protect your hand from the heat. Just make sure to use one with natural materials, such as wool or cotton.

7 – Make A Hot Pack

Hot packs can help ease the pain if you hurt your back (or other body part) in an emergency. And you can use a sock to make one yourself.

Take a wool or cotton sock and fill it with pebbles or dry beans. Tie off the end, and lay it about a foot and a half away from the fire (you want it to heat up, but don’t want it to catch any sparks).

Wait until the sock gets nice and warm. Then test it gently on your arm/hands to make sure it isn’t too hot. When it’s ready place it on your sore muscles to get some relief.

8 – Makeshift Shoes

This method is for when you’re in dire circumstances, and need SOMETHING to protect your feet. Put on the socks and use strips of duct tape to tape the soles of the socks. Make a nice, thick layer of tape on the soles so that it’s difficult to puncture.

Keep in mind you don’t want to use too much tape. Leave about an inch or so of sock at the toe so that you can get out of the sock if necessary. And, if you’re worrying about your socks falling down, simply pull them up as high as they’ll go, and tape duct tape over the sock, around the ankle. This will help prevent them from falling underneath your heel.

9 – Release The Tannins

Here’s a cool trick. You can remove the tannins from acorns by placing them in a sock, tying off the end, and then setting them in some moving water (such as a river). This will help strip the tannins out of the acorns, and leave you with a much better tasting nut that can also be useful for making flour.

10 – Defend Yourself

Need a defense weapon? Place a heavy rock into the bottom of a sock (just don’t make it so heavy that the sock rips). Tie off the top, and then swing it hard to hit your attacker in the head.

11 – Help Rescuers Find You

Carry long, bright socks with you when you leave for camping, hiking, bugging out, etc. Then if you get lost, tie strips of the sock onto tree branches to help rescuers follow your trail.

12 – Start A Fire

If you need some emergency tinder, you can use socks with all-natural materials (such as wool or cotton) to start a fire. Make the sock last longer by cutting it into strips – that way you can save some tinder for later.

SURVIVAL TIP: Rub some pine resin onto the sock to help the flame last longer.

13 – Hold Essentials

If you’ve got compact survival tools, or odds-and-ends that need a home, a sock could be a perfect place to store them. Place your batteries, mini flashlights, and more in a sock and tie off the end to help keep them secure.

14 – DIY Toiler Paper

If you forgot to stock up on toilet paper (or if you ran out), long socks can be helpful for this use. Wash out the sock afterward with soap.

15 – Keep Your Hands Warm

If you’ve got an extra pair of thick wool socks, you can use them as makeshift mittens. This can help prevent frostbite, and are great for when you need to warm up while taking a snooze.

16 – Rest Your Head

If you need a soft spot to rest your head, you can lay down some thick socks and take a snooze.

17 – Makeshift Cordage

Don’t have cordage? You can cut up a sock into long strips, and then braid them together to make a stronger cord.

18 – Soak Up The Sweat

You can bet you’re going to be sweating in an emergency situation. Soak up the sweat by tying a long sock around your forehead.

19 – DIY Dog Toys

Need to entertain your pup? Tie a knot in the middle of a sock and use it to play tug of war with your pooch. They’ll be dog tired in no time, leaving you free to get more done.

20 – Makeshift Sleeves

Need to keep your arms warmer? Cut off the toe of the sock and pull the cotton tube over your arms to help prevent frostbite.

21 – DIY Dust Mask

If there’s smoke, dust, or debris in the air you can use a sock to make a DIY dust mask. Simply wrap the sock around your nose and mouth to help make breathing a little easier. It may not be the most effective solution, but it’ll help.


What other ways can YOU think of to use socks for survival? Let us know in the comments and help your fellow preppers prepare for the worst.


Trump Responds to Secret Service Director’s Resignation

Trump Responds to Secret Service Director's Resignation

( – President Donald Trump responded to Kimberly Cheatle’s statement on Tuesday that she was leaving her role as director of the Secret Service due to criticism of the way her organization handled the recent attempt on the previous president’s life.

Trump said, “She never gave me proper protection, so I ended up having to take a bullet for democracy,” in an afternoon interview with Fox News Digital.

He said that his campaign made multiple requests for more protection, which the agency either flatly denied or disregarded.

“Many requests were made by on-site Secret Service for more people, always with a turn down or no response,” Trump told the news outlet. “I have the biggest crowds in history, and they should be treated accordingly.”

He added, “Big improvements have been made over the last week,” Fox News Digital reported.

Cheatle announced her resignation in writing to the Secret Service on Tuesday morning, despite her earlier refusal to do so.

“To the Men and Women of the U.S. Secret Service, The Secret Service’s solemn mission is to protect our nation’s leaders and financial infrastructure,” Cheatle wrote. “On July 13th, we fell short on that mission.”

She was under pressure to step down during Monday’s House Oversight Committee hearing, as she acknowledged that the agency’s reaction to the attempted assassination was a “failure.” This pressure came from all sides of the aisle.

According to a recent press release, United States Representative Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) submitted a motion that evening that would have forced a vote in the House to impeach Cheatle following her initial refusal to step down on Monday.

In response to Mace’s question during the hearing on whether the agency’s response was “a colossal failure,” the director said, “Yes.” Mace attacked the Secret Service for its lack of openness, pointing out that Cheatle’s testimony had to be subpoenaed by legislators.

Before the hearing, she accused the director of leaking her opening statement to several media sites.

When asked how often the agency had turned down the Trump campaign’s demands for more security throughout her testimony, Cheatle remained silent.

During the committee’s opening remarks, she acknowledged that the Secret Service’s reaction to the attempted assassination was “the most significant operational failure of the agency in decades.”

Nevertheless, she insisted that she was “the best person” to run the organization then.

President Joe Biden issued a statement acknowledging Cheatle’s decision and expressing gratitude for her service on Tuesday afternoon, following her resignation in response to the growing calls for her resignation.

“As a leader, it takes honor, courage, and incredible integrity to take full responsibility for an organization tasked with one of the most challenging jobs in public service,” the statement read. “The independent review to get to the bottom of what happened on July 13th continues, and I look forward to assessing its conclusions. We all know what happened that day can never happen again.”

During her hearing before the committee on Monday, Cheatle stated that the agency’s ongoing initial internal assessment would take around sixty days.

Do you believe there should be a criminal investigation into the Secret Service Director’s lack of security for President Trump?

Copyright 2024.

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Harris Campaign Begins Vetting Process for Top VP Contenders

Harris Campaign Begins Vetting Process for Top VP Contenders

( – The competition to become Vice President Kamala Harris’s running partner is intensifying. It has been reported that her campaign has sent screening papers to several prominent Democrats.

Senator Mark Kelly (D-AZ) and Governor Josh Shapiro (D-PA), seen as strong candidates from crucial battleground states, are leading the pack.

Harris’s campaign carefully evaluates potential vice presidential candidates as she seeks the Democratic presidential nomination.

Alongside Kelly and Shapiro, governors Roy Cooper (D-NC), Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI), Tim Walz (D-MN), and J.B. Pritzker (D-IL) have also been given vetting paperwork. However, Pritzker has denied receiving such materials.

One notable omission from the list is Governor Andy Beshear (D-KY), who many see as a leading contender.

Beshear stated that despite vigorous campaigning for the position, he had not received any correspondence from the Harris campaign concerning the vice-presidential screening procedure.

The selection process is underway as Harris’s team looks to enhance its ticket with a running mate who will appeal to a wide range of voters and strengthen support in key states.

Kelly and Shapiro are perceived as centrist leaders who, due to their considerable political backgrounds, have the potential to draw in moderate voters.

Kelly, the current senator from Arizona and a former astronaut, has a proven track record in Arizona.

At the same time, Shapiro’s leadership in Pennsylvania is distinguished by his emphasis on progressive ideals and his ability to win elections in a swing state.

The main goal of her campaign plan seems to be selecting a running mate who can enhance Harris’s program and increase the Democratic ticket’s appeal to a wide range of voters in essential areas and demographics.

The fact that there are several governors indicates that candidates with executive expertise and a track record of successful leadership are preferred.

The screening process is anticipated to be rigorous, involving a detailed review of the candidates’ public personas and political positions and significant background investigations.

The campaign’s final choice will probably try to strike a compromise between political tactics and the requirement for a solid and cooperative alliance in the White House.

As the Democratic National Convention draws near, there is growing conjecture and expectation over Harris’s final choice for her ticket partner.

The chosen vice-presidential candidate will be crucial to the party’s unity and mobilization of the electorate before the November election.

Does it matter who Harris selects as her VP as she goes against the Trump/Vance ticket?

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Local Police Barred From Investigating Trump Assassination


Local Pennsylvania police officers revealed to Congress that they were barred from entering a Secret Service command center at President Trump’s rally in Butler, Pennsylvania, on July 13, according to Republican Tennessee Rep. Mark Green. This revelation has raised serious concerns about the competency of the Secret Service, especially in the wake of a blatant assassination attempt.

Rep. Green, the chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, along with other bipartisan committee members, toured the Butler Farm Show grounds where 20-year-old Thomas Crooks attempted to assassinate President Trump. Green expressed frustration and concern, stating, “Normally, according to the local sheriff, they have done these events in the past with the Secret Service and always had one of their people in that Secret Service control room. Apparently, that was not allowed this time for some reason,” after his tour of the crime scene, which has been closed to the public since July 13.

The lack of coordination and communication between local and federal law enforcement is alarming. Green, an Army veteran, highlighted this as a glaring example of the miscommunication that put the President’s life at risk. He mentioned ongoing efforts to get more information about the radios used by law enforcement on the day of the rally.

Paul Mauro, a Fox News legal and criminal analyst, explained that a command center is typically a place for all involved law enforcement agencies to streamline communication. It’s a fundamental security measure that was inexplicably ignored. The Secret Service’s failure to integrate local law enforcement into its command center is not just a misstep but a severe breach of protocol that could have had catastrophic consequences.

The incompetence displayed by the Secret Service during Trump’s rally is unforgivable. Green and other lawmakers are rightfully demanding accountability. The Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle’s leadership is under scrutiny. During a media briefing, Green described the situation as an “abysmal failure” and called for Cheatle’s resignation. He cited examples of members of Congress accessing the very roof Crooks used to fire upon the crowd without any security hindrances and noted that law enforcement failed to utilize a nearby water tower for surveillance.

Republican Pennsylvania Rep. Mark Kelly also voiced his outrage, highlighting reports that law enforcement was aware of a suspicious person an hour before Trump took the stage. “If there was an idea that there was somebody here that was suspect, why even allow President Trump to even go up to the podium … and why did we go ahead and continue with the program?” Kelly questioned. The lack of proactive measures to protect the President is beyond comprehension.

The attempt on President Trump’s life resulted in the tragic death of Corey Comperatore, a dedicated husband, father, and former fire chief. Two other individuals, David Dutch and James Copenhaver, were critically wounded. This incident is not just a breach of security but a heartbreaking reminder of the consequences of incompetence.

Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle’s evasive response to whether she will fire those responsible is unacceptable. The American people deserve better. The security failures must be addressed, and those responsible should be held accountable. It is clear that significant changes need to be made to restore faith in the Secret Service’s ability to protect our leaders.

In the face of such failures, the call for resignations is not just justified but necessary. The safety of President Trump and all our leaders depends on it. It’s time for the Secret Service to undergo a thorough overhaul, ensuring that such dangerous lapses in security never happen again. The American people demand and deserve accountability and competence from those sworn to protect their leaders.


BREAKING: Donald Trump Survives Assassination Attempt!

POLL: Was the attempt on President Trump’s life an “inside job?”

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