SICK! Democrat Declares Trump ‘Has to Be Eliminated’

SICK! Democrat Declares Trump ‘Has to Be Eliminated’

( – In a groveling apology, Democrat Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) has taken back his incendiary rhetoric on President Donald Trump.

Goldman previously worked as the House Democrats’ chief attorney during Trump’s initial impeachment attempt.

The congressman has been vocally opposing the front-runner Republican for the presidency in 2024 for a considerable amount of time.

The Hill reports that Goldman has since apologized and recanted comments he made over the weekend that were seen by many as a death threat.

Goldman publicly advocated for the 45th president “to be eliminated.”

Strangely, Goldman made that contentious remark while denouncing Trump for what he called his “dangerous” speech, which made people feel threatened and uneasy.

On Sunday, Goldman spoke with former White House press secretary Jen Psaki on her MSNBC program.

Among other topics, they discussed a recently surfaced audio clip in which Trump talks about the 2021 Capitol protests scheduled for January 6.

The lawmaker, a veteran prosecutor, claimed that on January 6, Trump’s remarks “riled up and excited” his fans outside the Capitol.

According to Goldman, Trump’s statements might be used against him in court.

After receiving immediate backlash on social media for his inflammatory remarks, particularly when criticizing Trump’s own aggressive remarks, Goldman quickly tried to retract them all and issue an apology.

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