8 Reasons Pepper Spray Is An Essential SHTF Weapon

SHTF weapon
SHTF weapon
Have you ever thought of Pepper Spray as an essential SHTF weapon? If not, you’re about to.Many preppers solely rely on firearms for disaster preparedness. And although these can be useful, they’ve also got a lot of limitations on them (i.e: paperwork, permit requirements, government knowledge of your weapons, gun-free zones, etc).
With this many restrictions it can be hard to utilize firearms as an all-around weapon for every situation.As you’re about to see, there’s a much more versatile survival weapon you’re going to want to get your hands on.
Here are… 

8 Reasons Pepper Spray Is An Essential SHTF Weapon

No Permit Necessary

While firearms often come with permits, paperwork and ever-changing (and potentially confusing) gun laws, pepper spray avoids these obstacles entirely. Not only do you not need a permit to own Mace, but you can own it without filling out paperwork. Not to mention, the government will have no idea you’ve got pepper spray on you – making it ideal for defending yourself “under the radar” when SHTF.

It’s Crazy Simple To Operate

You don’t have to take a training class in order to get good at using pepper spray. By holding the canister away from you and pointing the nozzle toward your attacker, you can disorient them with a push of a button. Plus its safety mechanism protects you from accidentally firing it in, say, your purse or pocket.

It’s Not Lethal

Many preppers are hesitant about using guns as a way to protect themselves. This is often because guns are deadly, its effects are often permanent, and one mistake can prove fatal.

However, pepper spray is not lethal, and causes temporary pain and incapacitation for about half an hour. This gives you plenty of time to get away, and can help you stay out of legal trouble more easily.

Seniors Can Use Them

Unfortunately, seniors are one of the largest targets of violence since they are often in a weakened state and can’t defend themselves as easily. And if they’re unable to hold a firearm steady or pull the trigger, they can feel they not equipped to defend themselves.

Thankfully, pepper spray is lightweight enough and simple enough to use that seniors can use these easily.

Gets You Into Gun-Free Zones

Gun-free zones are one of the areas that restrict firearm carriers most. However, pepper spray allows you to get into these areas without issue. Using Mace, you can still defend yourself if something goes down.

Great For Late-Night Customer Service Workers

Fast food restaurants, gas stations, and more are often the target for robberies late at night. However, employees working in these establishments can often carry and use pepper spray for their protection while on the job.

Here’s a video of a pharmacist using this survival weapon to defend themself from a criminal:

You’re Active Outdoors

Whether you jog, hike, bike or walk, both animals and people can be a threat to your safety in the outdoors. You can protect yourself in all these scenarios by packing a pocket-sized pepper spray with you at all times.

Great For People Without Self-Defense Training

Many preppers aren’t skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and therefore feel they aren’t as able to defend themselves in an emergency. However, by carrying a canister of pepper spray, you can feel confident when walking around downtown, at night, etc.