SHOCK STUDY: Over Half Of Illegal Aliens On Welfare


A recent comprehensive analysis conducted by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) has brought to light a disconcerting reality — approximately 60 percent of households led by illegal aliens are tapping into at least one major welfare program. This means that the very same people violating the American border by the thousands are kept afloat on the backs of hard-working American taxpayers. 

Led by researchers Steven Camarota and Karen Zeigler, the study underscores the broader issue that encompasses not only illegal aliens but legal immigrants as well, who, as a collective, rely on welfare at a significantly higher rate than native-born American citizens. This is an extremely damning indictment of America’s “open door” border policy since the 1960s that accelerated with NAFTA in the 1990s.

Digging deeper, the analysis reveals that a staggering 59 percent of households headed by illegal aliens are recipients of welfare, while 52 percent of households led by legal immigrants are availing themselves of various welfare benefits. In stark contrast, less than 40 percent of households led by native-born American citizens resort to welfare programs.

This discrepancy, as highlighted by CIS researchers, is fundamentally tied to the structure of the American welfare system, which predominantly aims to support low-income families with children — a demographic that, not surprisingly, includes a substantial proportion of immigrants.

Unveiling a concerning trend, the study emphasizes that immigrant-headed households show a higher dependency on several welfare programs compared to their native-born counterparts. Specifically, these households exhibit elevated usage of food stamps (36 percent vs. 25 percent for the U.S.-born), Medicaid (37 percent vs. 25 percent for the U.S.-born), and the Earned Income Tax Credit (16 percent vs. 12 percent for the U.S.-born).

This surge in welfare dependence among illegal aliens and legal immigrants takes on added significance against the backdrop of a record-high foreign-born population in the United States under President Joe Biden’s administration, which has apparently declared defeat in the face of the ongoing border crisis. 

The CIS researchers, in a prior revelation, disclosed that a whopping 49.5 million foreign-born residents now reside in the U.S., marking the highest figure in the nation’s history. President Biden’s tenure has witnessed a notable increase of 4.5 million in the foreign-born population since January 2021, a trend primarily propelled by elevated legal immigration levels.

As concerns mount, it is evident that public sentiment aligns with a growing desire for reductions in immigration, particularly the legal variety. A recent Rasmussen Reports survey underscores this sentiment, with a significant 56 percent of likely voters expressing a preference for legal immigration levels to be slashed to at least 750,000 admissions per year. A noteworthy portion of respondents even advocates for fewer than 500,000 admissions annually, underscoring a palpable concern among Americans about the impact of immigration on the nation’s welfare system and broader societal dynamics.