SHE’S GONE!: Harvard President Resigns Over Antisemitism, Woke Culture, and Plagiarism Allegations


Harvard President Claudine Gay’s swift exit after just six months in office buoyed the sails of conservatives, who have claimed the scalp of a key enemy.

Fueled by concerns over her handling of antisemitism scandals, slavish adherence to woke culture, and an increasing number of plagiarism allegations. Gay’s tenure exemplified the infiltration of America’s most prestigious institutions by the woke agenda, but now she is gone in a humiliating defeat.

Conservative voices have strongly criticized Gay’s response to the October 7 Hamas terrorist attack against Israel and the subsequent pro-terror statement endorsed by Harvard student groups. The university’s initial vague response and the subsequent attempt to distance itself from the students reflect a broader trend of caving to woke culture. The disastrous December 5 congressional testimony followed, where Gay and other university presidents hesitated to condemn the advocacy for the genocide of Jews on campus.

Conservative activists, led by Christopher Rufo, have refused to back off, holding Gay’s feet to the fire. They have rightly argued that her clear plagiarism reveals a lack of intellectual integrity. To have Gay at the head of America’s most prestigious university undermines the traditional values of scholarship and rigorous academic standards. This echoes broader concerns patriotic Americans have about the erosion of academic rigor in institutions influenced by progressive ideologies.

In her resignation letter, Gay predictably played the victim, accusing her detractors of – what else? – racism. This highlights the conservative critique of academia as a place lacking in intellectual diversity and prioritizing ideological conformity. There must be a thorough examination of Gay’s tenure, free from the constraints of cancel culture.

The Harvard Corporation likewise echoed Gay’s claims of “racist” attacks. The Corporation’s response amounts to nothing more than an institutional commitment to woke ideologies rather than addressing the substantive reasons behind Gay’s resignation. 

As Harvard grapples with the aftermath of Gay’s departure, conservative critics must continue their demand for a return to principles of academic freedom, intellectual diversity, and a commitment to traditional values that have defined the university’s legacy.