9 Ways to Use Safety Pins for Survival

Turns out there are lots of ways to use safety pins for survival. In fact, safety pins are by far one of the most underrated and underutilized survival tools out there. And that’s because most preppers don’t even think twice about them when packing their bug out bag.However, the truth is these compact survival items can be extremely useful in an emergency.
Protect Your Stuff

If your bug-out bag has less-than-satisfactory zippers, you can keep your stuff secure by fastening a safety pin on the zipper. Loop the pin through the bottom portion of the zipper (not the pull tab). This will keep the zipper from separating. It also helps protect your stuff from thieves.

Get Some Fish

Here’s a cool hack. You can use a safety pin to help you catch some dinner next time you go fishing. You might not catch a whopper (due to the lack-of-strength of the safety pin) but catching smaller fish will likely be easier.

Watch the video below to see how it’s done.

Organize Your Fishing Hooks

Want to stay organized next time you go out fishing? Line up and secure your fishing hooks by attaching them to a safety pin. That way you’ll have one ready when you need it.

Set Up A Shelter

If you’ve got some material you can use safety pins to set up a shelter. Pin the materials together, and then use them as a covering on your shelter. You can also safety-pin pine boughs together (or other foliage/shrubbery) for some added protection.

Stop The Bleeding

Need an emergency bandage? Tear off a long, wide piece of clothing. Then use it to complete cover the wound. Secure the bandage with a safety pin to keep it in place. You’ll likely want to use a few pins to really keep it secure.

Emergency Sutures

This one is going to be pretty hard to handle. But if it’s life and death, you may need this survival use in your memory bank.

If you’ve got a gaping wound and are bleeding out, you can use sterilized safety pins to close up the would. You’ll likely want to use small pins (1/2 inch for this use).

Keep in mind you’ll need to do some research on field dressing beforehand so you know the safest way to do this.

Get Into Locked Spaces

Need to pick a lock? Safety pins can come in handy for this. And they can work on a variety of lock types.

Check out the video to see how to use them. The video describes the method by using paper clips, but you can use safety pins for the same use.

Remove Splinters & Ticks

Safety pins can be helpful for removing splinters. Gently use the pointy end to get under the splinter and lift up until it comes up out of the skin.

For ticks, you’ll want to clip both ends of the pin so they’re even in length. Then sharpen them so you can use them like tweezers. Grab the tick between the two ends of the safety pin, and remove.

Attach Extra Gear

Got a full bug-out bag? You can attach extra gear to the outside with the use of safety pins. One good way is to attach the item to a strap and then safety-pin the strap to the outside of the bag. This can help you carry more gear, without sacrificing any extra space in the interior.

BONUS: More Ways To Use Safety Pins For Survival

Here’s some good information on these survival tools, as well as ways to use safety pins for survival. Enjoy!


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