Russia Blames US Behind Drone Attack on Kremlin

Russia Blames US Behind Drone Attack on Kremlin

( – On Thursday, Russia claimed that the United States was responsible for a drone strike on the Kremlin meant to murder President Vladimir Putin.

In a briefing to reporters, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov made the accusation, saying Washington should be aware that Russia knew it was choosing the targets and Ukraine was merely carrying out American plans.

He did not offer proof to support his claim that the United States was involved.

Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, has refuted claims that his nation launched a drone strike on the Kremlin, which Russia claims was an attempt to kill President Vladimir Putin.

The early-morning Wednesday incident was seen on camera as two flying objects approached the Kremlin, and one burst into flames.

“It goes without saying that any attempts to deny this—in Kyiv and Washington—are entirely absurd. We know that decisions about such actions, such terrorist attacks, are made in Washington and not in Kyiv,” Peskov stated.

He claimed that the United States frequently chose the targets and techniques of assault used by Ukraine.

“This is frequently also ordered from abroad. This is something that we are very familiar with. They need to know in Washington that we are aware of this.”

The Kremlin has stated that it reserves the right to respond, although it has not specified how.

According to Peskov, “Russia has several options, and when it responds, it will do it thoughtfully and fairly.” He said an urgent inquiry was ongoing but could not determine when the findings would be made public.

“We don’t criticize Moscow or Putin. On our territory, we fight.” He said on a visit to Finland, “We are defending our villages and cities.”

The office of the Russian president reported its defenses shot down two drones overnight. It threatened to retaliate when and where it was deemed appropriate.

An unconfirmed video making the rounds online early on Wednesday morning shows smoke billowing over the Kremlin, a sizable government complex in the heart of Moscow.

Two individuals can be seen climbing up the dome. At the same time, a tiny explosion is visible over the Senate building at the scene in a second video.

According to the Russian presidency, the Kremlin residence of Vladimir Putin has been targeted by Ukraine, which called it “a planned terrorist act and an assassination attempt on the president.”

According to officials, President Putin was not there at the time of the purported attack, who also claimed that two drones aiming at the complex had been neutralized using electronic radar assets.

However, Ukraine claims Russia’s accusations are a cover for massive attacks on its territory. The US claims it is treating Russia’s claims very cautiously.

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