RINO Mitt Romney Urges GOP Donors to Oust Low-Pollers to Beat Trump

RINO Mitt Romney Urges GOP Donors to Oust Low-Pollers to Beat Trump

(ConcernedPatriot.com) – Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) has urged the Republican donor class to pressure GOP candidates with low polling numbers to withdraw from the 2024 presidential race to unseat Trump.

On Monday, Romney wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, urging the donor class to pressure candidates with no potential to resign by February 2024.

“Despite Donald Trump’s apparent inevitability, a baker’s dozen Republicans are hoping to become the party’s 2024 nominee for president,” he wrote.

“That is possible for any of them if the field narrows to a two-person race before Mr. Trump has the nomination sewn up.”

According to Romney, these candidates won’t withdraw independently because of the financial incentives and enhanced visibility.

“For that to happen, Republican mega-donors and influencers—large and small—are going to have to do something they didn’t do in 2016: get candidates they support to agree to withdraw if and when their paths to the nomination are effectively closed,” he added.

Romney further advised contributors not to trust GOP leaders, campaign workers, or consultants.

“There are incentives for no-hope candidates to overstay their prospects. Coming in behind first place may grease another run in four years or have market value of its own: Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum got paying gigs,” he said.

“And as former New Hampshire Gov. John H. Sununu has observed, ‘It is fun running for president if you know you cannot win,'” he continued.

“Left to their own inclinations, expect several of the contenders to stay in the race for a long time. They will split the non-Trump vote, giving him the prize. A plurality is all that is needed for winner-take-all primaries,” he added.

According to the most recent surveys, former President Donald Trump is ahead of his rivals, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis being his primary challenger.

Other contenders, including Chris Christie, Tim Scott, and Nikki Haley, have been polling in the low single digits. These figures might be altered at the opening presidential debate next month.

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