Reasons You Need A Berkey Water Purifier


For those who don’t know, a Berkey is one of the world’s leading water purifiers. It’s excellent for camping trips, backyard BBQs, everyday use, and survival situations.

Many preppers don’t think to bring a water purifier with them on a bug out trip. This is one of the most foolish decisions, since a person can only live three days without water. Plus, in many cases the water available isn’t safe for human consumption. That’s where this incredible Berkey water purifier comes in.

Now notice I called it a water purifier – not a water filter. Not many people know this, but there’s a huge difference!

A water filter, by definition, removes sediment, chemicals, and toxins from drinking water. Pretty good, right?

However, a water purifier takes it to the next level. To be called a “purifier,” this filter must do everything a filter does, plus remove up to 95% of all contaminants in the water.

Berkey takes this a step further by removing more than 99.99% of harmful toxins, chemicals, and bacteria. It also removes Cryptosporidium, Giardia, E. coli, Vibro Cholerae, Salmonella, Dysenteria.

By purifying this automatically from any water source, Berkey is working to keep you and your family alive in a survival situation.

You can be confident that, no matter what water you place in this purifier, it will be safe to drink when it comes through the spigot.

Now although these are amazing reasons to get a Berkey, these aren’t the only ones. So here’s some more!

Reasons You Need A Berkey Water Purifier

It Will Save You Thousands Later On

Most people opt for bottled water when they want some filtered water. However, at up to $4 per bottle (depending on the size), this gets costly quick. Not to mention bottle water is a one-hit wonder. Once you drink it, it can’t filter more water for you. It’s served its purpose.

However, the Big Berkey consistently purifies up to 6,000 gallons of water. Therefore, it costs only 4 cents per gallon. So, for just $258 today, you’ll be saving thousands of dollars on buying water anywhere else. It’s an amazing investment!

You Can Save a Whole Community

People all over the world are struggling to have access to clean drinking water. As a result, thousands die from no hydration, or from contaminants from dirty drinking water.

You can do your part by helping restore the health of these communities with Big Berkey water purifiers. Each Big Berkey purifies up to 6,000 gallons of water. This is enough for about 100 people to survive. Just imagine what you could do with even more Berkeys!

It’s Completely Portable

Survival situations demand portability. When you’re running/fighting for your life, you have to make sure everything that comes with you is easy to carry and manage.

That’s why the Big Berkey water purifier is so amazing. All of its parts nestle together into one chamber, making it easy to stash and store. This way, you can have lifesaving, pure drinking water with you wherever you go.

Nobody should ever be without pure drinking water. And, when SHTF, that’s going to be the time that separates those who came prepared from those who did not. Luckily, with the Berkey by your side you won’t have to wonder which of these camps you’ll be in.

Make sure to grab a Berkey Water Purifier today, and store it in your bug out bag for safe keeping. When SHTF, it will easily save yourself and your family from dehydration!