5 Ways To Prevent Mouth Disease When SHTF

prevent mouth disease

Preppers will need to know how to prevent mouth disease when SHTF!

Anyone who’s seen the movie Cast Away remembers the infamous ice skate scene. Tom Hanks, alone on a deserted island, has to resort to drastic measures to knock his rotting, hurting tooth out. And surprise…it’s not a pleasant scene.

However, it does give a realistic example of what lengths a desperate person will go to in order to stop the pain from mouth disease. And this can be all too real in an SHTF event, when there are no dentists to go get a cleaning/check-up from.

As such, it is up to us to do what we can to help prevent mouth and gum disease (and other problems) before they start. Like many things, prevention is key.

As such, it’s crucial to learn these…

5 Ways To Prevent Mouth Disease When SHTF

Make Your Own Toothpick

One of the easiest things you can do to keep your mouth healthy is to rid it of stuck bits of food. Otherwise, these can fester, and can quickly create irritation, pain, and other unpleasantness.

Avoid the turmoil by simply keeping some toothpicks in your bug out bag. They’re super compact, and a box doesn’t take up much space.

However, if you don’t think to pack these, you can always whittle your own toothpicks out of small sticks. Just use a knife to sharpen one end of the stick into a point, and then dig out that nasty leftover food.

DIY Toothpaste

There’s no question about it. Bringing your own toothpaste is just smart and convenient. Plus, it tastes good (or at least not terrible), and it’s compact (especially the travel-size ones).

However, there will likely be a time when that toothpaste runs out. And, when it does, you can choose to make your own DIY option from tree bark.

You’ll want to choose types of bark that have tannic acid. These include poplar, hickory, aspen, birch, and oak. Boil the bark to release its tannic acid. Then as you cool it, filter out the bark pieces. What you have left will work as toothpaste.

Chew Some Sap

There are other ways to help get the food out of your teeth besides a toothpick. For instance, chewing on gummy tree sap can loosen and remove the gunk off your teeth and gums.

Munch On Twigs and Sticks

When in need, you can also always munch on a twig or stick while you’re out in the wilderness. The twig can help remove leftover bits of food, and the saliva glands will start working, helping to rinse out your mouth.

Just make sure to choose sticks and twigs from trees that aren’t poisonous.

Take Advantage Of Plantains

Plantains (aka Plantago Major) can be found all over North America. Unfortunately, most people see them as “weeds,” and disregard them completely.

The truth is plantains have many useful medicinal properties, and can be excellent for survival. And even better for your dental hygiene.

For instance, choosing on plantain leaves can help relieve toothaches. You can also make an herbal tea from the leaves to help wipe out bacteria from the teeth and gums.