Passenger Has MELTDOWN on American Airlines Flight Over ‘Ghostly’ Traveler

Passenger Has MELTDOWN on Amerian Airlines Flight Over 'Ghostly' Traveler

( – On a Sunday night American Airlines trip, a passenger was seen on camera losing her cool over someone she said was “not real” in the back of the plane.

According to the user who posted the video to TikTok, “This delayed our family trip by hours.”

Due to her fears about the fictitious individual, the woman persuaded the other passengers to leave the aircraft.

The woman yelled at the other passengers, “I’m telling you, I’m getting the f*** off, and there’s a reason why I’m getting the f*** off, and everyone can either believe it or they can not believe it.”

“That m*****f***** back there is NOT genuine, I don’t give a f****, but I am telling you right now. And if you choose not to die with them, you can still sit in this plane. I won’t,” she continued.

The person who uploaded the video asserted that the woman “somehow didn’t get arrested” and passed through security at the Dallas–Fort Worth airport after getting off the entire flight.

There were thousands of aircraft delayed throughout the Fourth of July holiday, including the incident on Sunday night.

According to the New York Post:

“On Sunday, at least 550 more flights across the country had been grounded, and more than 4,000 were facing delays, according to the air traffic site

Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey topped the list of the nation’s airports with the most canceled flights Sunday, with 91 — 15% of all its flights — nixed and 95 more delayed by just early afternoon, AirAware reported.

LaGuardia Airport was next, with 54 flights canceled and 92 delayed — accounting for 11% and 20% of all flights, respectively — followed by John F. Kennedy International Airport, which saw 34 flights grounded and another 84 delayed, for 4% and 11% of all scheduled flights.”

On Twitter, passengers who experienced flight delays expressed annoyance with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

One user tweeted, “Sunrise at the Denver airport.” “Beauty sleep doesn’t exist here. No winks. Thanks @United for giving the long weekend a genuinely terrible start. Make allowances for and compensate your passengers. @SecretaryPete.”

Buttigieg attributed the flight delays to bad weather on Sunday.

Regarding air travel, he asserted, “If you look at the big picture, we’ve seen a lot of improvements.” Buttigieg told CBS, “But we had a hard few days with severe weather at the start of [last] week, and that definitely put enormous pressure on the system.”

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