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North Korea Has Obtained 20 Nukes Just Last Year


In a disturbing development, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) has revealed that North Korea now possesses 50 nuclear weapons—20 more than it had last year. This alarming increase is a direct result of the Biden administration’s weak and misguided foreign policy, which has emboldened North Korea and other rogue nations.

SIPRI’s “Yearbook 2024 Armaments, Disarmament and International Security” report assesses the arsenals of nuclear states and global military developments. It found that while the majority of nuclear weapons remain in the hands of the United States and Russia, China is rapidly expanding and modernizing its arsenal. Notably, 2024 marks the first time China is believed to have some warheads on high operational alert.

In North Korea, communist dictator Kim Jong-un is placing new emphasis on Pyongyang’s nuclear capabilities. According to SIPRI, North Korea now has around 50 assembled warheads and enough fissile material to potentially reach 90 warheads—significant increases over the previous year.

Despite conducting no nuclear test explosions in 2023, North Korea tested a short-range ballistic missile from a rudimentary silo and developed at least two types of land-attack cruise missiles (LACMs) designed to deliver nuclear weapons. This rapid nuclear development has occurred under the watch of the Biden administration, which has failed to confront North Korea’s aggressive actions effectively.

In 2023, SIPRI estimated North Korea had 30 assembled warheads. The fact that North Korea has not tested a nuclear weapon since 2017 but continues to threaten South Korea—a nation it is technically still at war with—only highlights the failure of the current administration to contain this threat. Kim Jong-un’s recent rhetoric, referring to South Korea as “ROK scums” and labeling them as the “principal enemy,” underscores the escalating danger.

Matt Korda, Associate Researcher with SIPRI’s Weapons of Mass Destruction Programme, warned that North Korea’s rapid nuclear development is feeding “growing concern that North Korea might intend to use these weapons very early in a conflict.” The Biden administration’s lack of a firm response has only emboldened Kim Jong-un, putting regional and global security at risk.

For decades, North Korean state media refused to recognize South Korea as a separate country. This policy changed in January when Kim Jong-un began referring to South Korea by its formal name, the Republic of Korea (ROK), signaling a readiness to resume hostilities. In April, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) announced that Kim Jong-un had led a “combined tactical drill simulating a nuclear counterattack,” a clear indication of North Korea’s readiness to use nuclear weapons.

Tensions between the Koreas have surged, with North Korea launching hundreds of balloons carrying trash and feces across the border—a grotesque response to political pamphlets floated into the North by activists. South Korea has reacted by reinstalling loudspeakers in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) to broadcast news and Korean pop music into North Korea.

The SIPRI report also highlighted the global nuclear landscape, with 12,121 nuclear warheads existing as of January 2024. About a third of these—3,904—are actively deployed, with over 90 percent belonging to Russia and the United States. Yet, while the global total of nuclear warheads continues to fall as Cold War-era weapons are dismantled, the number of operational nuclear warheads is increasing, a trend that SIPRI Director Dan Smith finds “extremely concerning.”

This dangerous and reckless expansion of nuclear capabilities by North Korea under the Biden administration’s watch demands immediate attention. The administration’s failure to adopt a strong, consistent policy has jeopardized national and global security. It’s time for the Biden administration to take decisive action, enforce strict policies, and hold rogue states accountable to protect the American people and our allies.



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Biden Commissions a Poll… on Harris in 2024!


The Biden-Harris Campaign has reportedly commissioned an internal poll to gauge how Vice President Kamala Harris would perform as the Democratic nominee against former President Donald Trump. This development was reported by The New York Times on Thursday, citing three anonymous sources who are informed about the matter. The move comes as discussions within the Democratic Party intensify regarding the possibility of replacing President Joe Biden at the top of the ticket, following his disastrous debate performance that has sent shockwaves through the party.

The New York Times report notes that the campaign has not specified why the survey is being conducted or what the campaign plans to do with the results. This appears to be the first Trump versus Harris poll commissioned by the campaign since the debate. It is also unclear which outfit is conducting the survey.

Campaign Manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez and Campaign Chair Jennifer O’Malley Dillon attempted to reassure staff in an internal memo, emphasizing that Biden remains the most viable candidate and that he has a path to victory. They argued that hypothetical polling of alternative nominees is unreliable and that Biden is the only Democratic candidate for whom the negative media environment is already accounted for.

Despite these reassurances, recent polls and internal discussions suggest growing doubts about Biden’s candidacy. A poll from Emerson College Polling published Tuesday showed Trump with a larger lead over Harris than over Biden, indicating that Trump led Biden by three points and Harris by six in hypothetical two-way races.

Adding to the turmoil, some of Biden’s close allies are reportedly devising strategies to convince him to end his candidacy. NBC News reported that several sources within Biden’s circle say his bid for the White House is a lost cause. One Biden campaign official stated, “He needs to drop out. He will never recover from this.”

The commissioning of this internal poll is a stark admission of President Joe Biden’s deteriorating mental state. This unprecedented move highlights the growing concerns within the Democratic Party about Biden’s cognitive decline and raises serious questions about his ability to continue leading the nation.

The fact that the Biden-Harris campaign is even considering Harris as a potential nominee underscores the gravity of Biden’s cognitive issues. The campaign’s decision to assess Harris’s viability as a replacement candidate against Trump is a clear indication that they are grappling with the reality of Biden’s declining mental faculties.

Despite attempts by campaign officials to reassure staff, the frequency and gravity of Biden’s errors are alarming. The Emerson College Polling results, showing Trump with a larger lead over Harris than over Biden, further complicate the narrative and suggest that switching candidates may not solve the Democrats’ problems.

Reports from The New York Times and NBC News indicate that some of Biden’s close allies are devising strategies to convince him to end his candidacy. This growing consensus among Biden’s supporters that his bid for re-election is untenable underscores the urgent need for action. One Biden campaign official bluntly told NBC News, “He needs to drop out. He will never recover from this.”

The implications of President Biden’s cognitive decline are profound and far-reaching. The President of the United States must be someone who can lead with clarity, decisiveness, and strength. Biden’s frequent gaffes and apparent confusion raise serious doubts about his ability to fulfill these responsibilities effectively.

The American people deserve a leader who is mentally fit to navigate the complexities of the presidency. Biden’s continued candidacy, in light of overwhelming evidence of cognitive decline, is not just a political issue; it is a national crisis. The Democratic Party must confront this reality and take decisive action to ensure that the country is led by someone capable of meeting the demands of the office.

The coming months will be critical for both President Biden and the Democratic Party. As calls for Biden to step aside grow louder, the party must consider the broader implications for the country. The focus must shift to ensuring that the next leader is not only politically viable but also mentally fit to lead. The stakes are too high to ignore the glaring signs of cognitive decline in the current President.



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Quadruple Board Certified Doctor: Biden Has Parkinson’s, Brain Degeneration


In a revealing interview with NBC News, a respected quadruple board-certified neurologist from New York City, Dr. Tom Pitts, unequivocally stated that President Joe Biden “definitely” has Parkinson’s disease and brain degeneration.

Dr. Pitts spoke with NBC News’ Tom Llamas, who queried, “Given what you’ve observed from the president over the last two years, his debate performances, recent interviews, his speech patterns, and gait, do you see any red flags as a medical professional?”

“Oh yeah, I see him 20 times a day in clinic,” Pitts replied, highlighting how typical Biden’s symptoms were among his patients. “He exhibits classic features of neurodegeneration: word-finding difficulties—this isn’t merely ‘I couldn’t find the right word,’ it’s from degeneration of the word retrieval area.”

Llamas pointed out Biden’s history with stuttering, questioning if it could be related. Pitts firmly responded, “No, this is not a stuttering issue or speech discrepancy,” elaborating further, “Plus, the rigidity, monotone voice…”

Dr. Pitts continued, “When he turns, it’s an end-block turning; it’s not a swift motion. That’s a hallmark of Parkinson’s: rigidity and bradykinesia, slow movement. He has that hallmark, especially with the low voice attributed to a cold; hypophonia, a small monotone voice over time is a hallmark of Parkinsonism. I could have diagnosed him from across the mall.”

Describing Biden’s gait, Pitts noted, “Shuffling gait, we call that ‘little steps.’ Loss of arm swing due to rigidity; typically, we walk with a nice cadence, but he doesn’t swing his arms. End-block turning means he pivots around his foot. If you called out, ‘Hey, President Biden,’ he wouldn’t swiftly turn to look behind him.”

When Llamas suggested Parkinson’s is challenging to diagnose, Pitts disagreed, “It’s one of the easier movement disorders to diagnose. I’m a Democrat… This isn’t a difficult case. Once you start manifesting the hallmark motor symptoms—slow movement, rigidity, masked facies, hypophonia—if a med student didn’t recognize Parkinson’s on a test, they’d fail.”

Bluntly, Pitts concluded, “His motor symptoms are degenerating. He has Parkinsonisms. That is a fact. He has brain degeneration. Show me the MRI. Prove he doesn’t. Put your money where your mouth is. He definitely has it.”

For conservatives concerned about the nation’s leadership, these assertions raise serious questions about President Biden’s cognitive fitness to serve in the highest office.



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Trump and His Allies Move to Destroy Biden Campaign


( – Politico revealed on Monday that a pro-Trump super PAC receiving significant funding from billionaire Miriam Adelson is preparing to launch a $61 million advertising campaign this month to deal a fatal blow to President Joe Biden’s struggling campaign.

A source informed Politico that a revitalized and redesigned Preserve America will run advertisements this month as the Summer Olympics get underway in Paris.

The story stated that the ads would run in swing states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

In May, it was revealed that Adelson intended to contribute significantly to Preserve America, a group established amid President Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign.

Although it is currently uncertain how much the super PAC will rely on Adelson’s contributions, sources informed Politico in May that she intends to raise her 2020 donation of $90 million.

Her and her late husband’s contributions accounted for 85% of Preserve America’s funding. Sheldon Adelson, the late billionaire who owned casinos, passed away on January 11, 2021.

Adelson’s wife, who now controls their contributions, plans to increase their super PAC funding.

Preserve America’s goal is to capitalize on the internal Democratic squabbling that followed the June 27 presidential debate. Several Democrats have demanded that Biden resign as his polling numbers have dropped.

Adelson and her son-in-law are Las Vegas Sands’s principal shareholders and jointly own most of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, she is worth $33.3 billion.


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