Newsom’s California: One Overdose Every Nine Hours


San Francisco, under the disastrous leadership of Democrats, is plummeting into the depths of its deadliest year for drug overdoses on record. Brace yourself for the grim reality: throughout the entire month of August, the city experienced a heart-wrenching overdose-related death every nine hours.

This shocking statistic is a stark reminder of the deadly consequences of voting for a Democrat regime. California, under radical leftist Gavin Newsom proudly hoists the banner of a sanctuary city, welcoming untold illegals over the border. Newsom shamelessly refuses to throw convicted criminals behind bars, and callously turns a blind eye to the wide-open Southern border, welcoming a flood of individuals associated with sex trafficking and lethal narcotics.

San Francisco, a once-beautiful city in California is now home to unchecked importation of third-world immigrants, a soft touch for dealers of deadly narcotics, and the mind-boggling release of individuals with criminal records. Shockingly, the citizens of San Francisco continue to overwhelmingly endorse these destructive policies with their vote.

The surge is attributed to the prevalence of powerful synthetic fentanyl contaminating the illicit drug supply. Even “soft” drugs like marijuana can now be laced with this deadly, highly addictive drug. 

No Response From Democrat Leaders In California

In the face of these dire statistics, the Democrat regime ruling over San Francisco remains unfazed, with no sign that the ship will change course. The Biden administration will continue failing to secure the border and stem the flow of these dangerous substances. 

And if that wasn’t enough, convicted felons involved in the nefarious distribution of these lethal drugs are being unleashed onto the streets. Despite the glaring danger posed by these individuals, the spineless leadership in San Francisco shows a jaw-dropping lack of concern for the well-being of law-abiding citizens.

The Democrat stronghold in America’s urban areas has devolved into a dystopian nightmare, rife with drug-related deaths, rioting, looting, gang violence, carjackings, murder, rape, hate crimes, pollution, and streets marred by unspeakable filth.