Newsom Warns Democrats That ‘Red Wave’ Is Coming Tuesday

Gavin Newsom Warns Democrats: ‘Red Wave’ Is Coming Tuesday

California Gov. Gavin Newsom is alerting fellow Democrats that a “red wave” is on the way next Tuesday, and that the party isn’t doing enough to compete with Republicans in terms of “messaging.”

Newsom, who has spent more time trolling Republican governors in Florida and Texas than campaigning at home, issued his warning in an interview with CBS News on Tuesday. When asked if the election felt like a “red wave,” Newsom said, “Yeah. Naturally, it does. And, once again, I’m not being paid to say that; I’m being paid to say, you know, [indistinguishable] — I get it. I mean, I could be a cheerleader. I’m also a realist. You can feel it.”

Democrats, according to Newsom, are “getting crushed on narrative.” He made no mention of any issues with Democratic Party policies on the economy, crime, or the border, three of the most important issues to voters.

Although the vast majority of California voters cast their ballots by mail and have been doing so for weeks already, Newsom will campaign for troubled Democrats in hotly contested congressional districts in his home state in the final days of the election.