Newsom Caves To Anti-Semitic Woke Mob, Cancels Christmas


Fresh off his humiliating debate defeat to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, California’s Democratic Governor canceled the cherished Christmas tree lighting ceremony at the state capitol this Tuesday. His reasoning? You won’t be surprised to hear that this is the latest Yuletide event canceled for fear that the Israel haters of the woke mob would make it dangerous for Christian children and families. 

The lighting of the tree is one of our time-honored traditions bringing joy and unity to families during the sacred holiday season.

Newsom, who presides over a badly failing state plagued by a mass exodus to Florida and Texas, feigned concern for the safety of children and families attending the event to conceal his woke, anti-Israel agenda.

This cautious stance follows an unfortunate incident at the California Democratic Convention last month, where security measures were woefully inadequate in the face of a surge of pro-Palestinian demonstrators. It seems the potential for disruptions has led the governor’s office to settle for a virtual ceremony, with a pre-recorded version set to be distributed on Wednesday.

The cancellation, confirmed by the California Highway Patrol overseeing Capitol security, raises eyebrows among patriotic Americans our time-honored traditions taking a backseat to woke cultural Marxism.

Pro-Terrorist Protesters Receive Their Permit

The pro-terrorist protesters, of course, had no trouble obtaining their permit. The demonstration will be attended by hundreds near the iconic 67-foot-tall holiday tree. This development underscores the increasing challenges faced by conservative, patriotic Americans in preserving cultural celebrations against the backdrop of a rising tide of political unrest from the woke mobs of the far left.

Tragically, this incident in California mirrors a recent disturbance at the Rockefeller Center ceremony in New York City, where pro-Palestinian protesters brazenly disrupted the festivities with anti-Israel chants and confrontations with law enforcement. The New York Police Department, on high alert leading up to the event, had forewarned of potential disruptions, emphasizing the need to protect cherished traditions from the unwarranted intrusion of political activism.

The disturbing trend of holiday event disruptions continues, as witnessed by pro-Palestinian activists disrupting the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade by physically attaching themselves to the street during the procession. Such actions not only cast a dark shadow over the enjoyment of these cultural celebrations but also underscore the uphill battle faced by conservatives in upholding order and tradition in a society increasingly torn apart by divisive political ideologies.