Montana Kidnaps “Trans” Child From “Non-Affirming” Family


In a deeply emotional ordeal, a family in Glasgow, Montana, is bravely sharing their story, accusing the state’s child protective services of wrenching them apart from their teenage daughter, who identifies as a transgender “boy.” Defying a court order, Krista and Todd Kolstad lay bare the agonizing journey they’ve been thrust into, as their 14-year-old daughter, Jennifer, was abruptly taken into custody and relocated to Canada.

The anguish began in August 2023 when the Kolstads received a call reporting Jennifer’s expression of suicidal thoughts at school. Despite their efforts to shield her from bullying by transferring her to a different school, the situation spiraled out of control when a case worker from Montana Child and Family Services (CFS) arrived at their home for an inspection. Jennifer claimed to have consumed harmful substances, but subsequent medical tests revealed no evidence of toxicity.

Hospital records revealed that Jennifer identified as male and preferred to be called “Leo.” The Kolstads fervently objected to this and pleaded for the use of Jennifer’s birth name. Astonishingly, despite Montana’s explicit prohibition of medical transitioning for minors, the hospital callously deemed “social transitioning” as a dubious gray area.

Throughout Jennifer’s hospital stay, the Kolstads felt the heavy hand of government intrusion relentlessly undermining their parental authority. Staff repeatedly disregarded their heartfelt requests, and Jennifer was forcibly exposed to discussions about gender-affirming care. The situation took a sinister turn when discussions about specialized residential care were overshadowed by the looming specter of Jennifer being moved to Wyoming, where laws on transitioning minors appeared less restrictive.

To the Kolstads’ utter dismay, they were blindsided by the news that Jennifer would be whisked away to Wyoming. When they sought answers, Child and Family Services descended upon them with police, serving papers accusing the Kolstads of supposedly refusing medical care. The very next day, Jennifer was whisked off to Wyoming, leaving the parents powerless and excluded from the decision-making process.

Communication with Jennifer during her time in Wyoming was cruelly curtailed, and the Kolstads were left in the dark, relying on sporadic updates from Jennifer’s counselor. On Jennifer’s return to Montana, she was placed in a Youth Dynamics group home. The family’s hopes of a brief reprieve were dashed during a court hearing on January 19, 2024, when custody was ruthlessly snatched away by Child and Family Services.

The court’s egregious assertion that allowing Jennifer to transition and live as a boy was in her “therapeutic best interest” sends shockwaves through the Kolstads. This heartless decision now consigns Jennifer to be placed with her birth mother in Canada, a woman who has remained largely absent from her life. The family, now with heightened distress, voices deep reservations about the birth mother’s fitness as a parent, buttressed by statements from a counselor detailing horrific incidents of abuse.

Facing charges of contempt for daring to defy a judge’s order to remain silent, the Kolstads stand resolute in their fight against the oppressive hand of government intervention. Their narrative emphatically underscores the devastating impact of such intrusion on families, and they passionately insist that their fight is driven by an unwavering determination to protect their child—no matter the emotional and financial toll exacted by a system that seems to have lost sight of basic human decency.