Minnesota Embraces California’s Failed Gun Control Tactics

Minnesota Embrace California's Failed Gun Control Tactics

(ConcernedPatriot.com) – On Tuesday, Democratic lawmakers in Minnesota imposed many of the same restrictions on firearms that are failing to prevent mass shootings in California.

According to FOX News, Democrats in the Minnesota Senate utilized their one-seat majority to advance a red flag measure and increased background checks.

Gov. Tim Walz (D) of Minnesota praised the passing of the gun control laws:

Since January 1, 2016, California has had a red flag statute, according to Gabby Giffords’ gun control organization. And in the early 1990s, the Golden State approved universal or enhanced background checks.

Despite these two measures being in place, California ranked first nationwide for “active shooter incidents” in 2021.

While Colorado has a red flag law, our country’s attention is occasionally riveted to news accounts of major shootings there. At the same time, Illinois also has one, despite the weekly gun violence in Chicago.

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