MASS Looting Crimes on the Rise – Be Prepared

MASS Looting Crimes on the Rise – Be Prepared

( – As the criminal trend expands throughout Southern California, mass looting incidents have been reported outside of Los Angeles, defying efforts by local authorities to stop the flash mobs that commit the daylight heists in retail businesses.

According to Wednesday’s Los Angeles Times report:

“Video surveillance and reports released in the last two days by police displayed the ease and speed of flash mob thefts at retail stores in Riverside and Arcadia, the latest crimes in a spate that has struck businesses throughout the region over the last few weeks.

Riverside police released security footage Tuesday from two burglaries committed about a month apart at the Nordstrom Rack at Canyon Springs Marketplace in Riverside.

Five people broke into the Macy’s at the Shops at Santa Anita in Arcadia on Tuesday afternoon, according to a police report.”

Following the Black Lives Matter riots, which also involved looting, the concept of mass looting has spread across the country.

Criminals now have more freedom because city police forces have been reduced in size or told to scale back.

Mass looting in upscale stores in San Francisco in November 2021 marked the official start of the scourge. Since then, it has spread to other cities, including Los Angeles.

Mayor Karen Bass was encouraged by Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) to create a task team in response to several recent looting incidents in Los Angeles.

Chicago Mayor is more concerned about how these thugs are “labeled” versus how to stop these crimes from happening.

This is what’s happening in Biden’s America.

This is what you get when liberals are elected to run big cities.

Mass looting thefts have even extended to other parts of the world.

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