How to Make An Untraceable Ar-15

I would imagine over the past few years you’ve heard a lot about the ‘untraceable AR-15.”

If you love guns and don’t trust the government then I highly recommend owning one.

Even with Trump in office (attacks on gun rights are only going to get worse in the coming years).

In this post I’ll show exactly what an AR-15 is and how you can get one.

The truth is, I can’t imagine a better way to get 100% prepared. 

The simple fact is guns are one of the most important survival tools you could ever own. In my opinion, guns are second only to owning food, water, and some sort of protection from the elements.

But as you know, and depending on where you live, getting a gun isn’t the simplest thing in the world.

Which is why I’m going to show you the simple, DIY way to build an untraceable AR-15 from the comfort of your home.

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So, What Exactly Is An Untraceable AR-15?

There’s no doubt you’ve heard of untraceable AR-15s, also known as “ghost guns.”

An untraceable AR-15 is almost 99.9% identical to any off the shelf AR-15s you’d get from a gun shop.

The biggest difference is they’re made without a serial number. And that means the government has absolutely no way of tracking them.

Hence the “untraceable” part.

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Our government is really weird when it comes to regulating guns. The ATF only considers the lower receiver portion of the gun the actual weapon. This is why you can buy all kinds of gun accessories like barrels, stocks, sights, handles, etc. without any kind of ID or federal background check.

However, the ATF won’t let you buy the lower portion without a hassle.

According to the ATF the receiver (the part accepting the hammer, bolt or breechblock, and firing mechanism, and which is usually threaded at its forward portion to receive the barrel) is the weaponized part.

This is what the receiver portion looks like:

untraceable AR-15
From GunsAmerica
Doesn’t really look like a “weapon” does it?

Honestly, we should be thankful the government classifies this part of the gun the weapon portion.

Odd to think, but here’s why.

Fact: The Government’s Actually Helping You Hide Your Gun

Now it might not really make sense the receiver is the part the government cares about. But hey, that’s the government for you.

But because they’re weird like that, it opens up the door for you to build an untraceable gun.

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Let’s just say you wanted to buy a full on AR-15 from a gun shop today. If you did, you’d have to register, do background checks and all that stuff to get the gun.

And let’s say you had all the parts to build an AR-15. At least all the parts other than the lower receiver.

Well if you wanted to complete the gun you’d still have to register and all that stuff to get the receiver.

That’s because in most cases when you buy a receiver from a shop you’re getting a complete receiver. Meaning it will hook up to a barrel, a handle, and a stock and it will fire immediately.

Now thanks to the ATF’s obsession with regulating the receiver they’ve left a way for you to build an untraceable AR-15.

An untraceable AR-15 is simply an 80% complete lower. And you can buy these receivers without a serial number. Since they won’t hook right up to all the other components and fire right away they’re not considered a weapon.

Only when you’ve hooked up the trigger and a few other components does it become a weapon.

And the best part about building these “ghost guns” is how easy it is to do.

It’s So Easy To Build An Untraceable AR-15

There are several beautiful parts about owning a gun the government will never be able to track.

The first is how inexpensive the 80% complete lower receivers are.

Normal complete receivers cost $300+.

An 80% complete receiver will only cost $175 – $200.

The other nice thing about building an untraceable AR-15 is how easy it is to do.

With just a few normal tools you can put your own “ghost gun” together. No special training required.

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