Lifesaving Uses For Copper

There’s a surprising amount of uses for copper. In fact, many of these could easily help save your life in an emergency situation. Unfortunately, not many preppers have known about this. Until now, that is.

So where do you get copper? Many people think that pennies are made out of it; however, that’s no longer the case. In fact, pennies haven’t been made out of copper since 1981. After that time, they changed the “recipe,” making them out of primarily zinc instead.

So, if you have any pennies that are older than 1981, it’s likely you can use these to help you out in a crisis. Copper cookware can also be quite useful in an emergency.

Keep in mind that you may have to melt down copper. Thankfully, I have a handy video later in the blog that shows you how.

You’ll be amazed at these…

Lifesaving Uses For Copper

1 – Distill Your Own Water

Distillation is necessary for drinking sea water. It’s also a crucial process to use if the water contains mercury, arsenic, or lead.

Thankfully, with a stainless steel bottle, some copper tubing, and a wet rag, you can distill your own water. This process is fairly easy with the right materials.

I’ve included a video to show you the process. Take a look:

2 – Barter With It

Copper has long been known for its beauty and value. Not to mention investing in copper (and other precious metals) is a great idea. That’s because if SHTF and cash becomes obsolete, you can use copper as currency. Be sure to have a separate bug out stash of bartering items, including copper. This way if you run out of something, you have something to trade with.

3 – Combat Sickness

Copper has amazing health properties that can keep you from getting sick. For instance, it helps stop the growth of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. In fact, 90% of E.coli bacteria can be killed within 30 minutes of contact with copper. This makes it a great metal for eating and drinking out of.

You can also scrape your tongue with it to get rid of those yucky, bad breath-causing germs.

4 – To Boost Your Health

When taken in supplement form, copper can boost organ and tissue health. The metal can also help iron absorption, as well as the formation of red blood cells. Be sure to take copper supplements consistently in order to receive the maximum health benefits.

5 – Go Hunting

Few people know that copper bullets exist. And this is a crying shame. These bullets hold together surprisingly well, and don’t break or fragment like other metals might. These could easily be added to any bug out bag in order to hunt for game when SHTF.

Want to know how to melt down copper for even more survival uses? Check out the video below for the process:

Who knew there were so many amazing uses for copper!

Copper has an incredible amount of properties that can be useful in a survival situation. Add it to your bug out bag today in order to get ready for what’s up ahead. Remember – Prepare Now, Survive Later!



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