Liberty Safe Becomes the ‘Bud Light’ Of Gun Safes

Liberty Safe Becomes the 'Bud Light' Of Gun Safes

( – In a statement released earlier this week, Liberty Safe said that as part of their collaboration with the FBI, they provided an access code that allowed investigators to enter a safe owned by Nathan Hughes during a raid.

Liberty Safe touts itself as having “built America’s most trusted gun safes for sale for more than 30 years.” Millions of Americans choose Liberty as their top choice because of our unwavering dedication to producing high-quality gun safes.”

Their website says, “You are always protected with a Liberty gun safe’s enhanced fire protection, unique military-style locking bars, and unrivaled security features.”

However, the FBI bypassed those protection measures thanks to the access code Liberty Safe gave them after they carried out a house invasion and detained Hughes on suspicion of taking part in the events of January 6.

The Hodge twins reported the FBI raid on Hughes’ residence, including Liberty Safe’s collaboration with the FBI. They used an X post to signify that they are personally acquainted with Hughes:

When the FBI asked for a code to open the safe, Liberty Safe asserted that they “had no knowledge of any of the details surrounding the investigation at the time.”

Liberty Safe continued, “Liberty Safe has consistently rejected requests for access codes without a warrant.”

The company added, “Liberty Safe is dedicated to preserving our customers’ personal property and 2nd Amendment rights. Without correct legal documentation being given by authorities, we do not distribute combinations.”

Would you purchase a gun safe from a company that divulges sensitive information, giving government entities access to your weapons?

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