Leaked Emails Reveal Pornhub’s Horrifying Policies

Leaked Emails Reveal Pornhub's Horrifying Policies

(ConcernedPatriot.com) – The leadership team of online porn behemoth Pornhub, whose parent company is MindGeek, is shown in internal emails discussing the firm’s astonishingly lax policy on screening questionable videos, which was to only review a video if it had over 15 flags for criminal material, in legal discovery.

These movies contain child rape, underage girls, and revenge porn.

The founder of Traffickinghub, Laila Mickelwait, shared alleged screenshots of the emails in an X post on Saturday.

“These emails between the CEO/Owner of P*rnhub/MindGeek and his executive team were uncovered in legal discovery and made available to the public yesterday in redacted form,” she wrote.

The emails were produced as part of the Doe vs. Mindgeek class action case discovery process.

The emails, according to Mickelwait, “show the CEO/Owner discussing the fact that” the “official Pornhub policy was to only review a video if it had over 15 flags for criminal content,” and “there was a backlog of over 700,000 flagged videos.”

Mickelwait continued, “They had ONE person working only 5 days a week to try and review flagged videos,” and they “state plainly they are trying to hide these facts,” she said.

An individual, whose name was censored in the internal emails from Pornhub, told the company’s executive team that one person “reviews between 50 and 500 videos per day that are flagged in order to address any video with more than 15 flags.”

“We have 1 person responsible to review flags on a daily basis (5 days/week),” the email’s sender continued.

Another email shows an employee replying, “So basically a video with 15 flags is never viewed…”

In another email, the CEO of Mindgeek wrote, “706,425 videos that are active and have at least 1 flag (between 1 and 15 flags).”

“My fear with a % number instead of 15 might look like we want to on purpose profit from a popular high viewed video. 1 million views at 1.8% flags is 18,000 flags. Unless we have a 2 fold rule: +15 flags or 1.8% whichever hits first,” another employee expressed in the internal emails.

Another email response shows an employee saying, “I wouldn’t mention the threshold of when we manually review a flagged videos being 15 flags.”

Another reply reads, “If we’re dividing by the same number for each video it’s the same as just using count flags, it’s obvious we are just trying to hide that it’s a minimum number of flags.”

“To say this another way… If a victim of child rape on P*rnhub flagged their rape video FIFTEEN times it would NEVER EVEN BE LOOKED AT FOR REVIEW. This policy was ‘good and reasonable’ according to P*rnhub’s owner/CEO,” Mickelwait wrote in a follow-up X post.

According to reports, Pornhub is embroiled in legal disputes, with several jurisdictions attempting to enact legislation requiring that website users verify their age.

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