4 Reasons You Need Lamb’s Ear In A Crisis

lamb's ear

You’re going to be shocked at all the reasons you’ll need lamb’s ear in a crisis…

The truth is preppers can get so caught up in preparing for a disaster that they completely miss out on one of the most essential survival skills out there: plant identification.

This is a real shame, since this survival skill can literally save your life – and can keep you and your family fed in a crisis. And, if you can identify the lamb’s ear plant, you’ll be much better off in a lot of other areas, too.

Every prepper should be aware of these…

4 Reasons You Need Lamb’s Ear In A Crisis

First Off: Identification

Before we get to the survival uses of lamb’s ear, you’ll need to know how to identify this plant.

lamb's ear .  lamb's ear lamb's ear

There are many types of lamb’s ear. However, they all have one thing in common: their velvety soft leaves. The plant’s tiny white hairs make its leaves feel extremely soft to the touch. And, as we’ll discover in a minute, this velvety softness can pay off big time in a survival situation.

Lamb’s ear is extremely drought-tolerant, allowing it to grow all over the U.S. However, it can also make an excellentaddition to your survival garden.

Why You’ll Want Lamb’s Ear In A Survival Situation

It’s A Natural Bandage

This incredible plant is a natural source of antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, its leaves make the perfect bandage for cuts, scrapes, wounds, and more. In fact, soldiers have used lamb’s ear as a replacement for gauze in previous wars!

Another thing to remember about this plant’s leaves is they soak up blood efficiently while allowing to clot. (You can imagine how much this will come in handy in a survival situation!) Also, just think how many band-aids you can replace by using this plant instead!

Note: I’m not advocating that you not carry a first-aid kit… that’s an SHTF essential. I’m just saying lamb’s ear is an additional, effective solution to have on hand.

It Has A Vast Assortment of Medicinal Uses

Lamb’s ear leaves aren’t just soft – they also provide a shockingly diverse array of medical uses to help you in a crisis. These include:

  • Reducing/stopping diarrhea
  • Lowering fever
  • Relieving throat and mouth soreness
  • Preventing internal bleeding (and stopping it once it begins)
  • Reducing liver and heart weakness

To take advantage of these benefits, simply boil a pot of water for a few minutes, and then drop in a few lamb’s ear leaves. Let the leaves steep and wait for the water to cool. Then drink the lamb’s ear tea for internal health.

Lamb’s ear leaves can also help treat sties and pinkeye, as well as bug bites . They’ll even help treat hemorrhoids!

For these types of external treatments, you’ll want to bruise the leaves by crushing them. This will release their naturally-healing juices. Then spread the juice onto the affected area to reduce swelling.

It’s Insanely Absorbent

This plant is nature’s paper towel. That’s because it’s insanely absorbent, and will soak up practically any liquid. You can use the leaves of a lamb’s ear plant to replace things like cotton balls, napkins, and even menstrual pads. Not to mention, they’re called “nature’s toilet paper” for a reason – particularly for its velvety soft texture. And trust us – you’ll be depending on this a lot during a crisis!

You Can Eat It

Believe it or not, you can also eat the leaves of the lamb’s ear plant. Although they might be a bit tough while fresh, you can steam them for a softer taste.

Lamb’s ear is an incredible plant that can be a huge asset to you in a survival situation. Grow some for yourself, and look for it on your next hiking/camping trip!