Joe Biden to Arm Ukraine with Controversial Cluster Bombs

Joe Biden to Arm Ukraine with Controversial Cluster Bombs

( – While most of the world has pledged not to use cluster bombs because of their long-term effects on civilians, President Joe Biden is anticipated to provide Ukraine with them.

After Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky pushed for America to give his country the contentious and widely outlawed weapon, a senior Biden administration official told the New York Times that the country would give Ukraine cluster munitions.

Cluster munitions are a class of artillery, rocket, bomb, and missile projectiles that fragment in the air and cover a sizable area. The munitions frequently go wrong and injure or kill civilians.

According to humanitarian organizations, up to one-fifth of the ammunition can linger and cause harm to civilians for years after the conflict.

More than 100 nations have pledged not to use cluster munitions by signing the Convention on Cluster Munitions. However, Ukraine, the US, and Russia have not ratified the agreement.

According to Ukraine, cluster munitions would aid in its counteroffensive against Russia.

According to Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Laura Cooper, cluster munitions would aid Ukraine in combating Russia’s “dug-in” positions.

Russia has reportedly used cluster munitions in the conflict in Ukraine.

The decision to supply Ukraine with cluster munitions has raised concerns among lawmakers and human rights activists.

On Thursday, the advocacy director for Human Rights Watch, Mary Wareham, stated that the transfer of cluster munitions “disregards the substantial danger they pose to civilians and undermines the global effort to ban them.”

Rep. Sara Jacobs (D-CA) claimed that the action would damage America’s reputation as a human rights leader.

In a statement released on Thursday, she said, “We’ve seen Russia’s horrific use of cluster munitions in Ukraine – and we shouldn’t cede the moral high ground by criticizing their actions and then deciding to send cluster munitions ourselves.”

Jacobs went on to say:

“Ultimately, our goal goes beyond winning this war – we want to win the future of Ukraine by building a free, open, and democratic Ukraine.

But cluster munitions prevent the successful economic rebuilding and recovery that’s needed to ensure a prosperous Ukraine and maintain anti-corruption gains.”

The California Democrat continued, “We’re viewed as human rights defenders around the world, but this decision would damage that reputation. I urge the Administration to stand up for our values and refuse to send cluster munitions to Ukraine.”

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