This Might Be ISIS’s Most Disturbing Video Ever

WARNING, the subject matter below regarding ISIS’s most disturbing video ever will certainly make some people very upset.

The video (watch it here) is one of the vilest things I’ve ever seen. Be warned, it is GRAPHIC!

It’s because this video exists I’m writing another blog post on the threat of ISIS. It’s my duty exposing the extreme dangers ISIS poses to Americans, as well as all of humanity.

What Obama once called “the JV team,” has morphed into one of the most violent and most prolific terror groups in the world.

Actually, calling them a terror group is putting it lightly. They are much more than a simple terror group…they are a full-fledged army. And as violent, radical Islam infects the planet with its philosophy there seems to be no slowing them down.

Which is why after you see the details about ISIS’s most disturbing video ever…I hope you do something to stop them.

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Why ISIS’s Most Disturbing Video Ever Is Enough To Make Me Rethink Everything

Over the past few years I’ve become more and more scared of ISIS.

Believe me, I think there are some much bigger threats out there. The collapse of our economy or an EMP certainly top my list.

But the growth of ISIS is something that’s got me pretty upset.

You might wonder what about ISIS is giving me the Willies.

The simple answer is it’s got to do with the children. Earlier this week, in ISIS’s most disturbing video ever, I saw children do things some of the most battle-hardened men I knew wouldn’t dream of.

This video shows small children, as young as two or three, lacing up their fingers on the sides of a pistol and exploding portions of grown men’s skulls without blinking an eye.

Kids who are as young as my grand-children committing cold-blooded murder. Obviously, I was shocked and disgusted by what I saw. But I think what disturbed me most was how enthusiastic the men instructing these children were.

They loved watching these kids send lead through their victims’ brains. It was a literal joy for them.

A joy birthed out of a deep devotion for their religion. A religion that has 1.5 billion followers…a religion that calls for the death of infidels like you and me.

After all these years watching ISIS grow, and seeing kids do the unthinkable, I suddenly realized ISIS was a threat worth worrying about.

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Prepare Today Because ISIS Is Here!

As I wrote in another blog post on ISIS, this collection of Islamic extremists are here in the United States.

I think most Americans believe because nothing serious has happened here, there’s no need to worry.

But ask yourself this question. Would it really be that hard for ISIS members to coordinate massive terror attacks and rip the fabric of our nation apart?

What’s to stop them and their jihadi friends from weekly car-bombings? Who will prevent them from driving a truck full of explosives into the bottom of a federal building?

If those scenarios don’t seem possible understand something.

With very little convincing, these monsters created 8-year-old killers who sawed the heads off innocent mean. That’s what I saw in ISIS’s most disturbing video ever.

How hard would it be for them to convince a little American boy to wear a suicide vest and walk into your church?

Not that hard.

Here’s another thing to think about.

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world.

It’s growing at breakneck speeds in the developing world, as well as here in the U.S.

Experts predict within a few years Islam will be the largest religion in the world. The majority of Americans don’t even care about this. To the contrary, they actually want more Muslims to come here.

It’s madness when you realize exactly what the Muslim religion teaches. Hint, it rhymes with world domination.

If you don’t believe me then take a look at the hundreds of videos where conservatives confront Muslims and ask them to condemn ISIS. In 99% of the videos they won’t do it. And that’s because they’re on board with their grisly plans.

THIS is why I’m afraid of ISIS.

Well, that, and these disturbing facts…

The Secret Islamic Code Muslims Use To Plan Their Brutalities

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While some people think there’s no way to defend ourselves from this violent religion, Frank thinks differently.

Remember, in ISIS’s most disturbing video ever we only see what they want us to see.

Truth is people who follow radical Islam are like any other religion. They have a core set of beliefs and rules they follow. Once you learn these rules you can stop them.

Take this example for instance.

There’s a Shari Law doctrine law called taqiyya that says Muslims can lie to protect Islam.

Islamic terrorists use taqiyya all the time. Why wouldn’t they? Their religion explicitly says it’s OK to lie as long as it’s for their religious good.

And taqiyya is one of many doctrines like this. When you know these doctrines and codes you can fight ISIS.

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Frank knows to fight an enemy like ISIS you have to see what makes them tick.

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I highly recommend this book. After viewing ISIS’s most disturbing video ever I’m going to keep talking about it until I’m blue in the face.

ISIS is dangerous and only when you learn how to fight them will you be safe.