iPads for Guns? Apple Exec Caught in 2A Bribe Scheme

iPads for Guns? Apple Exec Caught in 2A Bribe Scheme

(ConcernedPatriot.com) – The 6th District Court of Appeal in California has reinstated a bribery case against Apple’s chief of global security, Thomas Moyer, alleging that the executive offered an iPad payment to a sheriff’s office in exchange for staff members’ concealed carry licenses.

It appears that the lefty tech behemoth occasionally supports the Second Amendment.

The chief of worldwide security at Apple, Thomas Moyer, is reportedly under new legal inquiry in a twist to a long-running bribery controversy.

The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office allegedly accepted Moyer’s offer of more than $50,000 in iPads in exchange for granting concealed carry licenses to Apple’s elite security team.

The charge, which a lower court initially dismissed in 2021, has been revived, returning Moyer to the trial schedule.

According to Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen, Moyer is back where he belongs, on the trial schedule and facing bribery charges.

This case is part of a more extensive inquiry into the misuse of power in Santa Clara County and is not an isolated instance.

The former Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith was found guilty in a civil case in 2022 by a special jury, which ruled she had misused her authority by issuing concealed carry permits in exchange for campaign contributions.

Charges of seeking bribes have also been brought against other sheriff’s office employees.

When Apple’s senior protection team became concerned about “more serious” threats against CEO Tim Cook, they refocused on Moyer.

The paperwork appeared to stall even though the permits were applied for in 2018. Smith didn’t sign the licenses until January 2019, but the applicants never got them.

The case has revolved around what constitutes a “bribe” and whether Moyer had “corrupt intent” when he offered to donate the iPad.

Apple’s applications had been “languishing for months,” according to the appeals court, providing the grand jury “ample ground” to believe that Moyer would feel compelled to pay the sheriff’s office.

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