Insurrection?! Leftists, Trans Takeover Another Capitol

Insurrection?! Leftists, Trans Takeover Another Capitol

( โ€“ Left-wing protesters have staged another “insurrection” in a state house, this time interfering with a meeting of the Texas state legislature in Austin. They took control of the gallery on Tuesday before being forcibly removed by police.

According to the leftist Texas Tribune:

“Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan abruptly cleared the public from the chamber’s gallery Tuesday, after LGBTQ Texans and parents of transgender kids chanted in opposition of a bill that would ban transition-related care for children.

Phelan ordered state police to clear the gallery just as Senate Bill 14 came to the House floor and as opponents began their chants and unrolled banners in support of trans kids. As bill opponents started filing out of the gallery, they chanted, “Trans rights are human rights.”

Democrats and President Joe Biden have applauded similarly disruptive demonstrations. The White House recently received the so-called “Tennessee Three” โ€“ Democrats who joined demonstrators in upsetting the Tennessee legislature in a plea for gun legislation.

After that, two of the three were ejected from the legislature (though they were later reinstated). Following a mass shooting by a transgender attacker, there was a protest.

The relatives of the dead and the cops who put an end to the shooting have not yet been received at the White House. Another “insurrection” inspired by the transgender cause occurred last week in Montana.

Biden and the Democrats referred to the January 6, 2021, disturbance in the U.S. Capitol as an “insurrection.” However, many detained people were only charged with “impeding an official proceeding” of Congress.

Watch the hypocrisy of the Biden administration’s take on J6:

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