Incredible Survival Uses For Dandelions


Dandelions are arguably some of the most annoying plants ever. It seems like these annoying yellow-colored pests crop up on every lawn imaginable. Worse, there doesn’t seem to be a good way of getting rid of these weeds for good. Gardeners expel a lot of frustration in attempting to rid their green lawns of these leafy menaces. Typically, this hard work leaves their yard spotless for a few weeks until these weeds creep back into the grass.

Oddly enough, despite all the frustration they cause, it seems dandelions are starting to do some good for the world after all. In fact, companies like Michelin are investing more and more in this flowery plant to help them do business.

Want to know the reason for this strange turn of events? Keep reading to learn more about the…

Incredible Survival Uses For Dandelions

Dandelion Rubber

Researchers have made a huge discovery about the use of dandelions. As it turns out, these weeds can do wonders in helping to make natural rubber. This revelation can easily revolutionize the rubber industry, leading producers to use all-natural materials and even save the rainforest. In fact, we might be driving around with automobile tires made from these flowery plants!

Want to know more about this incredibly cool eco-friendly solution? Watch the short video below.

Did you know preppers can make their own dandelion rubber? Check out the following instructions from Survivopedia:

Step 1

Start off by harvesting latex. While Hevea Trees have to be “tapped” with V shaped slits in the trunk, the process is a bit different for plants.

For example, if you are going to use Milk Thistle, you will need to break open the plant stems to get at the latex, which is a milky white colored substance. If you decide to use dandelions (ideally Russian dandelions), you can get latex from the roots as well as the stems.

Step 2

Once you have collected enough latex, add some water and an acid to the sap. You can use vinegar or other weak acids. The ratios of sap, water, and acid will depend on the amount of latex in the sap as well as the strength of the acid.

For example, if you are using regular or Russian dandelions, you would use 1 part sap to 8 parts water and then enough vinegar to make the latex and water stick to whatever you are using to stir the mixture.

Step 3

Even though rubber made from dandelion will finish to “cure” or dry out on its own, you may still need to add sulfur and heat it to produce a more durable form of rubber. You may also want to try using Ipomoea alba sap to vulcanize the rubber.

Remember, different applications will require different levels of flexibility and durability. You will need to study the different characteristics of each type of rubber you plan to work with, and see what will work best to make them.

Get Across The Water

If you’re traveling by boat at any point, it’s best to make sure that vessel is watertight. By lining the boat with dandelion rubber, you can help ensure you don’t spring a leak.

Protect Your Survival Garden

Preppers work so hard on their survival gardens. It’s a shame when dandelions come in and ruin them! Or are they?

It turns out that this detested weed is actually helping to protect your fruits and veggies after all. That’s because these weeds produce a milky fluid, called latex. This fluid helps protect dandelion roots from root feeders like cockchafer larvae. Therefore, the dandelions’ presence helps ensure that voracious root feeders won’t enter into your garden.

Waterproof Your Stuff

If you’ve got a cloth bug out bag (or clothing made out of cloth) you’re in luck. Using dandelions, you can easily waterproof these materials to repel rain and snow (and help fight off pneumonia).

All you need to do is gather a few handfuls of dandelions, and cut the stems open. Drip the dandelion sap onto the cloth, and spread it evenly across the fabric’s surface. Then allow it to thoroughly dry.

Although this method may leave the item feeling sticky on the outside, you’ll be thankful you used it in a rainstorm.

Make A Tasty Snack

If you’re not going to use them for rubber, dandelions can still make a tasty snack. Every single part of the dandelion is edible, making this weed your #1 friend in a crisis. Plus, these plants are high in iron, potassium, and calcium, helping you boost your immune system. Just remember you may need to eat these sparingly, as they are known to be a diuretic.

Aren’t dandelions amazing? It’s incredible how many uses for dandelions there are, both overall and in a survival situation. So, next time you think about treading over these with your lawn mower, save them instead! You never know when you’ll need them! Remember – when you Prepare Now, you’re more likely to Survive Later!