5 Crucial Tips For Increasing Shooting Accuracy

shooting accuracy

When it comes down to it, all that any of us really want to do is improve our shooting accuracy. This why we go to the range, why we spend hours dry firing, and why we train for competitions. Every shooter who wants to one day compete or defend themselves wants to improve their accuracy.

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But how exactly do you do it? And what kind of training do you need in order to make sure your attempts bear fruit?

Well, our goal is to help you become the best marksman you can be. That’s why we want to show you these…

5 Tips For Increasing Shooting Accuracy

Go With The REAL Paper Targets

Now before you start saying you’ve done this all before, hold up. Real paper targets have a huge advantage to cheap paper ones, as they don’t tear like copier paper does. This helps show each individual shot’s landing. On the opposite hand, simply using a standard printer at home to print your targets isn’t nearly as effective. The paper rips, and leaves you wondering how small or large your groups actually are.

The printing of real paper targets is done on special paper, which is pricier. However, they’re much better for tracking your results.

However, if you’re going to use this method, it’s best to also use wadcutter pellets. These cut perfect, clean holes into the paper, making them easier to gauge your accuracy as you train. These pellets come in many styles and brands. Which leads me to my next point…

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Use Good Pellets

Pellets come in a wide variety of types, brands, etc. And, with this much selection, it can be hard to separate the ones that are worth the purchase from the ones that aren’t.

When it comes down to it, big brand options are typically some of the best. Companies like H&N, Crosman (get the Premier pellets in the cardboard box), Bohumin, and RWS are some of the top options.

If you try to pinch pennies, it’ll end up costing you when you get out on the range. That’s because cheaper brands are typically lower quality, and have disappointing results.

Decrease Your Number Of Shots

When using the same type of gun and all conditions remaining constant, a 5-shot group will always be smaller than a 10-shot group. In addition, a 3-shot group will always be smaller than a 5-shot group.

Shoot fewer shots and decrease the size of your groups.

Aim Small. Miss Small.

When you aim at a small-enough target, you may nearly miss it. But, even so, you may land your pellet/bullet exactly where you want it.

Think of it this way. When target shooting, don’t focus on shooting out your aim point. Instead, adjust the scope so the shots land outside the crosshairs intersection. This allows you to always have a fresh spot to aim for on the target.

Since many shooters don’t know this trick, they often try to guess where they should aim when the aim point is gone. However, this significantly increases the size of their groups.

Instead, after shooting super-tight groups, readjust the scope and make sure the aim point and point of impact are the same.

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Get A Great Scope

It’s truly surprising how many shooters just throw away half of their potential accuracy by not using a scope. When it comes down to it, there’s truly no comparison between open sight and a properly installed target scope.

However, not all scopes are treated equally. For one, target scopes tend to outperform hunting scopes across the board.

Not to mention, you’ll need a scope that works well for you in both broad daylight and at nighttime. This is where the disadvantages to laser sights start showing themselves, as they really only stand out in the dark.

Plus, seeing your target gets even harder when you don’t have 20/20 vision. Many shooters wear glasses and/or have poor eyesight. As such, it’s important to have a scope that clearly and visibly lines up the shot for you – no matter how bad your eyesight gets.

Now, there’s many brands and types of scopes available. However, there’s only one brand of scope that’s most trusted by Special Forces teams and elite law enforcement personnel (like SWAT). And that’s because it gives them an “unfair advantage,” allowing them to hit their target dead-on at both short and long-range distances. Plus, it fits on nearly every kind of firearm, making it insanely versatile.

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