Illegals Get the VIP Treatment from Biden’s DHS!

Illegals Get the VIP Treatment from Biden's DHS!

( – Before their release into the country, border crossers and undocumented immigrants will allegedly receive picture identity (ID) cards from President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Images of the photo ID cards for undocumented immigrants that had been leaked were initially reported by Adam Shaw of Fox News.

The cards resembled driver’s licenses or official identification cards, including room for the carrier’s picture, a QR code, and personal information like name and age.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) personnel may use the ID cards, part of a DHS pilot program, to gain access to public benefits or airports.

An Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) official defended the program when word got out last year about the ID cards.

“For provisionally released noncitizens, the digital modernization will provide ongoing access to important immigration documents through the secure card and connected portal,” the official said.

The Biden administration’s ultimate objective, according to John Fabbricatore, a former ICE official and member of the National Immigration Center for Enforcement (NICE) advisory board, is to minimize the amount of face-to-face interaction that illegal aliens have with DHS investigators.

Fabbricatore declared, “It’s a normalization of illegal immigration.”

“House Republicans should take action to prohibit the ID cards, among other things, according to Lora Ries, director of the Border Security and Immigration Center at the Heritage Foundation, who spoke with Breitbart News.

“Congress needs to get a handle on the Biden administration turning ICE into another social services agency for illegal aliens and return it to a law enforcement agency that enforces the laws Congress made, including detaining and deporting Biden’s mass illegal alien population,” Ries said.

Using a vast network of catch-and-release operations at the border between the United States and Mexico, Biden is releasing, on average, over 60,000 illegal aliens and border crossers each month into American neighborhoods.

Four times as many foreigners live here as on Martha’s Vineyard.

Since early January 2021, Biden and DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas are estimated by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) to have welcomed five million border crossers and illegal aliens into the country.

Welcome to Biden’s America.

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