Illegal Immigrant Apprehended In Brutal Murder Of Texas Cheerleader


In a devastating turn of events that has left the heart of a small Texas community shattered, the life of a promising 16-year-old cheerleader, Lizbeth Medina, was brutally taken in her own apartment on Tuesday evening. Adding to the tragedy, the accused perpetrator is reported to be Rafael Govea Romero, an illegal immigrant who is now, thankfully, behind bars, facing severe charges of capital murder following his arrest on Saturday.

This harrowing incident unfolded when Jacqueline Medina, the vigilant mother of the victim, raised the alarm after Lizbeth failed to participate in a Christmas parade. Swift and resolute action by our law enforcement authorities, who released images of a person of interest near the crime scene, ultimately led to the apprehension of illegal immigrant Romero.

Chief of Police Rick Boone of the Edna Police Department, along with the Texas Rangers and various other law enforcement agencies, orchestrated a commendable collaborative effort that successfully brought Govea-Romero to justice, apprehending him approximately 60 miles from the crime scene in Schulenburg, Texas. Nevertheless, the police have chosen to withhold additional details regarding a potential motive for the murder or any further information about Govea-Romero.

The Edna Police Department strongly asserts that Govea-Romero is indeed the person of interest captured in images near the Cottonwood Apartments, where Lizbeth met her untimely demise. These images depict a man donning a “Volcom” hooded jacket, potentially with a tattoo behind his right ear, leaving the area in a silver Ford Taurus sedan.

As per Police Chief Boone, Govea-Romero was promptly transported to the Jackson County Jail following his arrest in Schulenburg and is now facing a grave charge of Capital Murder. Although the Jackson County Jail website has yet to be updated with pertinent information, the conservative community remains vigilant.

In a heartfelt social media post on Sunday, Boone extended sincere appreciation to officers from over ten federal, state, and local jurisdictions who played pivotal roles in the investigation and successful apprehension of Godea-Romero. Their unwavering commitment to justice in the face of such a heinous crime exemplifies their dedication to the safety and well-being of our community.

Were it not for the open borders policies of the Biden Administration, Lizbeth Medina would still be alive today. This tragedy takes place in the context of a total invasion of the United States on our Southern border, with no meaningful response from the Biden Administration.